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How to convince a child to eat soups


How to convince a child to eat soups</a>

Not many mothers can boast of the excellent appetite of their child.

Often children are capricious and refuse many useful and necessary, from the point of view of parents, dishes.



A kid may refuse to eat soup on severalReasons. He may not like this particular type of soup, in some cases the child simply lacks appetite. Children are often not attracted to dishes that are not properly decorated.


If potatoes, carrots and other vegetables are crumbled inSoup too large pieces, it can repel the crumb. Try to mash the vegetables with a spoon or rub the soup with a blender to make soup puree. Next time when cooking the first dish try to crust the vegetables as small as possible. Perhaps, soup, cooked in this way, will have to taste crumbs.


Place the dish in a beautiful bright dish,Serve the table with unusual tablespoons. You can go with the child to the store and choose for him children's dishes, from which the baby will eat with great pleasure.


Get the lead for cooking dinner. Let it help to wash vegetables, pick up the rump or fill it with a saucepan. In doing so, tell your child stories about how to prepare food or stories about how vegetables grow, how to grow and make groats. The child is interested in receiving new information, and even more interesting is to reap the fruits of his labor. Therefore, the cooked soup will most likely be eaten quickly enough.


If the appetite during a meal at the child and notAppears, feed him for the company with your favorite doll or bear. Cover the place for your favorite toy and talk about how the "bunny" wants to grow, so he eats a healthy vegetable broth. Chances are great that the little one will also take up the spoon.


Decorate the soup. You can cut vegetables with a special knife. You can add colorful pasta or vermicelli in the form of letters, figures, spiral. Soup puree is easy to decorate with sour cream, making beautiful splashes on the surface. Sprinkle the dishes with herbs or, conversely, do not use it during cooking. Everything depends on each child.


Follow the taste preferences of your loverChildren. Do not make him eat, for example, buckwheat soup, if he does not like buckwheat at all. Simply cook the soup with another cereal. Be interested in the child's opinion about what kind of first course he would like to get for lunch. If the baby chooses the soup himself, he will have more motivation to eat the whole portion with appetite.

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