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How to make the server work around the clock


How to make the server work around the clock

It is now quite easy to findA program that turns a computer into a server - a special computer (or hardware) on which the server software runs. The server is optimized to provide services to other computers, or "customers".

Clients can be computers, as well as printers, faxes and other devices connected to the server.

Now there is a question about the time of rendering services, which, as practice shows, need around the clock.



The question of round-the-clock work concerns anyThe type of server, whether it's a server for "Counter-strike", "WOW", a site, a chat, etc. When the user's computer turns into a server, any application or software will be available to other users while the server program is running. In other words, while the computer is on. As soon as it is turned off or put into sleep or standby mode, the server will be disabled. To solve this problem, there are several options. If there is a site under the server, then you need to register for it. Hosting sites on the Internet are many paid and free. Also it is possible to collect sites on free constructors of type? Ucoz? And? Narod ?. When creating such sites, hosting is free. If the site is on the local network, then the local hosting is made by the provider. This is done mostly for free, or inexpensively.

How to make the server work around the clock


The next moment? It's a server for games, chat rooms and stuff. Here also use hosting platforms for the implementation of the services provided. However, some users prefer to keep their server on their computer. Then it is necessary to acquire? Strong? The configuration of the computer that will be able to withstand the server load. A powerful processor, several gigabytes of RAM, a hard drive, a power supply, and a video card. Doing this can be quite expensive, in addition, you need to take into account the cost of electricity. Therefore, this is an option for those who are ready to make such sacrifices for the sake of the prosperity of their server. It is worth mentioning that a powerful computer is not always required. If the server is not too heavily loaded with users, has a simple structure and interface, then it is possible to do with standard computer models.

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