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How to make sugar scrub at home

How to make a sugar scrub at home

The skin must be constantly cleaned. Dead skin cells, preparing the skin surface, making it dull and lifeless, clog pores.

Get rid of them, you can use scrubs.

The range of shops is huge, but you can try to make a fragrant scrub and useful in the home.

It is good for use in the bathroom or in the bath or sauna.



4-6 sugar spoons connect twospoons of olive oil. Add a spoon of liquid honey and mix well. The mixture should be thick enough to turn. If you get a scrub liquid and spreads, they would be awkward to use.


The resulting cosmetic is applied to thethe entire body after bathing, showering or face instead of washing agents. It is good to apply a scrub in the bath, when all the pores of the skin open. Particles of sugar remove dead skin cells, oil softens and nourishes, and honey nourishes the skin with vitamins and microelements. After the procedure, do not wipe the skin, let it dry.


You can vary the recipe and part of scrubnot cook with white and brown sugar. You can podtsvetit its sea-buckthorn oil, carrot juice, rosehip oil or cinnamon powder and put it in a jar transparent layers.

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