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How to make pin-flowers

How to make pin-flowers

Hairpin with beautiful flower decorate the original hairstyle girls or women and will give it a festive look.

You will need

  • - Cloth (tape) -
  • - pintset-
  • - Glue "Moment-crystal" -
  • - mononit-
  • - Scissors.



Cut squares of 4 * 4 cm from the fabric (belt). Make an ordinary sharp petal folded square diagonally 2 times.


Cut the tip of a little, holding a pair of tweezers,oplavte. Then do the following: as soon as possible to flatten the tip melted by inserting forceps into one side lobe and hold "weld" to become flat.


Cut parallel to the top of the lower part of the tab. Optionally, you can cut close to the middle, then the pitch will look concave inside, too beautiful. Trim tab and slightly oplavte the cut.


Prepare the required number of petals. Due to the resulting circularity lobe is enough to make 5 petals per flower.


Collect flowers from the petals, spreading glue around the seam lobe, helping tweezers.


Glue a bead in the middle of the flower. Allow to dry for half an hour. Sew monofilament pin to flower.

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