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HOW do striped soap

striped soap

This procedure makes each of us several times a day - we wash our hands with soap and water.

But few thought that, firstly, the soap can be made with your own hands, and secondly, to make it interesting.

In order to get a piece of your own soapproduction, will need the following ingredients: soap base (it is transparent and opaque), forms that will be poured soap base - can be used for children tins sandbox, special silicone or plastic or ordinary plastic utensils. In addition, the required colors, flavors, and of course, a fantasy.
To begin with take and melt the soap base itsin a microwave oven for a few seconds. Please note that the heated soap base must always ensure that it is not boiled. Adding selected for the first layer dye and pour into a mold blank. Melt the next layer and repeat the steps as with the first. Stain soap can be prepared by diluting dyes or conventional food. If used for this purpose, an essential oil, the soap will be also beneficial for the skin, it will moisturize and nourish nutrients. It is also useful to add peach oil soap, because it has no smell, no color, but perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. In addition to the oils in the soap, you can add honey, oatmeal, corn or longer grind coffee. These ingredients serve as a ready scrub soap. Then everything is simple: by analogy fill, cool and prepare the following layers. After completion of all layers of the preform should be put into the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes, after which the finished soap can be accurately extracted from the mold.
Your striped soap is ready! Now you can wash or give it to someone.

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