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How to make a strawberry from sweets

How to make a strawberry from sweets

Crafts from chocolates are gaining more and more popularity, and because they are a gift, souvenir and at the same time.

I suggest you make a strawberry from sweets.

You will need

  • - Small round candies folge-
  • - Styrofoam-
  • - Wrapping paper red colors-
  • - Red organza-
  • - provoloka-
  • - zubochistki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - double sided tape-
  • - Normal skotch-
  • - A small knife-
  • - Artificial listya-
  • - Glue "Moment".



First, you need to do the groundwork for the futurecrafts. To this end, a two-way merge between two foam tape pieces. Now you need from this glued parts to cut a shape that looks like a strawberry shape. workpiece size will depend on the amount of sweets that you want to use for a sweet gift.


After the preform is ready, you can beginto the manufacture of jewelry made from chocolates. To do this, the copper wire must be made in segments 7 centimeters in length. Then, on each of the segments bend one end in the form of loops. The resulting loop must seize the place where the leaf joins the candy in the "beam". As soon as the "beam" podtseplen, fix the wire - the foil is required to compress it.


Bars of candy to decorate. From wrapping paper cut parts size 7x7 centimeters. On the resulting squares lay the candy, and then tighten them so that the ends of the paper curled around the wire. Fix all with the help of adhesive tape.


The time has come to attach candies based crafts. Simply slide them into the foam. Note that candy should be firmly attached. If they fall out of the workpiece, then additionally secure them with tape. Remember that the foam should not peep. You can fix this by using organza: simply cut squares out of it, rewind on a toothpick, secure with tape and insert it into the space gaps.


It only remains to glue artificial leaves to the top of the craft. Strawberries of candy ready!

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