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HOW do stone countertops

How do stone countertops

Countertops made of artificial stone gained its popularity because of the convenience of using unconditional.

Such surfaces can not be cut or fill, or trace, no spots left.

They can be given any shape, size, while not important.

The thickness, length, width, curves - all possible variations of stone countertops.

You will need

  • Liquid or sheet artificial stone grinder, a drill, a saw.



Artificial stone - is a special part of thepolymer resins and natural marble chips. She is strong, but it is possible to drill and to make the necessary cuts. In the market, this material is presented in two types: liquid and sheet. The use of any kind will lead you to the same end result, simply manufacturing methods are completely different.


Use liquid stone technology without havingno waste. Good thus have a special shape for pouring. The stone is poured into the preform and hardened. You just have to get it and install it on the kitchen furniture. Unconditional comfort in the fact that you will have the entire countertop, without any joints and seams, together with the whole sink.


In the absence of form do the exact drawingsblank chipboard, MDF or plywood. Good prime with its special structure in the color of the stone. After drying make a thick layer of sprayed liquid stone and after curing carefully grind to a perfect smoothness. Any irregularities should remain.


To work with the use of sheet technologystone do first carcass basis of particle board - and then using a special adhesive paste on her stone sheets. At the same time, be very careful at the joints, so that the edges are not dispersed. In these places you can optionally pass a thin layer of sealer, but not necessarily. The main thing, then sanded so that the seams are not only not feel under your fingers to touch, but it was indistinguishable and eye.


Please note that the stability of liquid and sheetstone temperature is different. If this factor is basic for you, remember: leaf stone becomes soft at a temperature of 160 ° C, and the liquid loses its properties only after 600 ° C.


Separate manufacturing countertops harborsa lot of difficulties and obstacles. The absence of the desired shape, the complexity of its manufacture in makeshift conditions, insufficient deposition layer, the appearance of residual air bubbles when pouring, the ability to erase a considerable layer of stone grinding at home - it is only a small part of them. It is better to make a thorough drawing countertops and purchase the finished plate required size. Under the scheme saw out the necessary holes in it yourself or have it done for you at work.

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