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How to make stained-glass windows with their hands

How to make stained-glass windows with their hands

Stained Glass - a very beautiful drawings, which are carried out predominantly on glass surfaces. Most often, they are the decoration of windows.

The traditional view of stained-glass windows, made using lead-solder method is very complex techniques.

To create even a small jewelry such requires special materials, equipment and skills.

However, to change the appearance of the interior door or window and can be at home, and this is absolutely not require any expensive materials or special knowledge.

You will need

  • stained glass paint, glass contour, or stencils graphics templates



Available for each method of manufacturestained glass in the home is the decoration of glass surfaces with the help of art stained-glass paintings. The main advantage of this method lies in the fact that the appearance of such a stained glass window does not look painted. Traditional stained glass - a pattern that is laid out pieces of glass of different colors and sizes. The technique of stained glass paintings such additional materials are needed. The only thing that you have to prepare - it paints, pre-prepared templates and a little patience. Surprisingly, the result of painting on glass is visually almost indistinguishable from the real stained glass.


The main action you must do beforeimmediate work - fully clean the glass surface from possible contamination and degrease any alcohol solution. Once this procedure is completed, you can proceed to the application of a pre-selected image or drawing composition. Paper template must be applied to the glass surface so that you can easily transfer all the details of the image on the glass. For this phase of the work you'll need an additional tool - path or pencil painting on glass, which can be purchased at any specialty store.


After the pattern is transferred to the glass,It begins a new phase of your work. This time you have to add your image saturation and revive him. Paint details have to be very careful. Firstly, only the special stained glass paints are suitable for this type of painting. Secondly, do not try to impose too many layers of paint. Note that the surface even after application thereto figure should remain transparent. Third, be sure to secure the resulting image using any sealant or clear varnish.


You can decorate With stained glass mural notOnly the windows and doors, but also to make unusual pictures, decorate picture frames, to give a new look glassware. This technique has a very interesting secret. The fact is that due to the fact that the surface does not lose its transparency and continues to be capable of transmitting light, after the jewelry box, for example, you can change not only the decor of the room, but also the usual lighting replaced with colored highlights.

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