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How to make St. George ribbon

George Helen made of polyester tape

These St George ribbons in industrialconditions are made of polyester tape, and is suitable for this purpose, not all, but only a satin weave. The tape is colored on both sides and passes the heat treatment.

St. George ribbon can be made in other ways in the home.

With the stencil

For the manufacture of the St. George ribbons using a stencil, you will need:
- Satin or polyester tape, orange or brown colors-
- Thin hard cardboard:
- Metal lineyka-
- Shoe knife-
- Paint in cans.
The paint should be selected for the tissue from whichmade tape. And Satin, and polyester tapes suitable, eg, nitro. If the tape is brown, paint, take the orange. From cardboard cut out two absolutely identical strips. They should be slightly wider than the tape itself, in particular if it is an orange. For a brown ribbon strip can be accurately and in width. Each stencil make longitudinal cuts in the strip width. Put the ribbon between the stencils and secure so that it is not slid, and apply a strip of paint cans. Allow the product to dry, turn the ribbon and put a strip on the other side.

From any tissue

Make St. George ribbon with a stencilIt can be of any fabric, even the calico. Cut a strip of the necessary width, color it in brown or orange color, and then apply a strip of the proposed method. By the way, the stencil is suitable not only cardboard. It can be made even from a thick polyethylene film (for example, the one that is used for greenhouses).

Knitted Ribbon

St. George ribbon can be, for example, to connect. In this case, you will be spared from having to mess around with paint and ribbon will immediately double-sided. For this work we need a very thin hook. Thread is better to take the thin cotton, like a coil. Suitable and polieester. Make a chain of air loops along the length of the ribbon. You should start a thread of brown color. At the beginning of each row make 3 aerial loops on the rise. Knit 4-6 rows of columns without nakida or polustolbikami. In the second case, the fabric will be more dense and be more like a real St. George ribbon. Next knit 4-6 rows of the same viscous, but the orange thread. In the middle is a brown strip, then orange, and on the edge - brown again. In the transition from color to color thread does not break, and skip along the edge. The edges can be tie. Intertwined turns out fine, so distinguish knitted ribbon manufactured by the factory method will only be close.

Embroidered ribbon

Ribbons and can be embroidered. For this to work you need a brown ribbon and orange threads (for example, thick wool, which can be replaced by a narrow orange tape). It will take a slender thread strict tone thick. Cut a piece of the desired length of ribbon and thread 4 pieces. Sew the thick filaments to the belt.

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