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How to make soap with sea salt with your hands?

How to make soap with sea salt with your hands?

Recently, handmade soap is very popular.

There are many natural cosmetic shops where you can buy a soap.

But if you have very little time and desire, you can make natural soap myself using simple ingredients.

You will need

  • - soap base-
  • - sea salt-
  • - glitserin-
  • - vegetable oil-
  • - termoposuda-
  • - Molds for vypechki-
  • - Food coloring (optional) -
  • - Flavoring (optional).



Prepare your workspace, place all accessories in one place. Perfect kitchen table. The more heat the soap base that will have on the stove or in the microwave.


Cut the right amount of soap base and place in a heat-resistant container. Melt the base to a liquid state by any way convenient for you (this is best done in the microwave).


Give mass to cool slightly and add 1 tsp any glycerol and vegetable oil (preferably olive oil, peach oil or grapeseed).


If you use a dye and flavoring, add the right amount of these ingredients.


At least add 1-1.5 tbsp sea ​​salt and gently stir.


Pour the resulting mass into the prepared mold. Give a little to solidify the top layer, then place the form in the refrigerator. Or any cool place.


After 30-50 minutes, carefully remove the soap from the mold.

That's so simple and quick to prepare useful soap with their hands!

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