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How to make snowflakes from napkins


Cut out of napkins snowflakes are a wonderful decoration of the interior during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

The process of creating these openwork beauties is fascinating, because you can learn this art together with children.

You will need

  • - white wipes-
  • - scissors-
  • - a pencil or pen-
  • - cardboard or heavy paper for stencil.



Select the napkins from which you will cutSnowflakes. The paper structure should not be too loose, otherwise the slits will have lacerated edges. If the napkin is two-layered, it is worth making sure that the layers are not too easily separated from each other, otherwise parts of the finished snowflake can become disheveled. In addition, it is worth giving preference to one-color paper.


Prepare paper material. Place a squared napkin in front of you so that the corner formed by the fold is pointed towards you. Fold it diagonally into a triangle with an angle of 45 degrees, to do this, make sure that the two adjacent sides of the square fully match. After it is necessary to fold the napkin again along. As a result, you should get an elongated triangle with an angle of 22.5 degrees. Note that one of the sides, forming an acute angle longer than the other, along this fold, one can arrange long beams of snowflakes.


Find on the Internet schemes for cutting snowflakesfrom paper. Now there is a whole trend in the art of paper plastic to create delicate crystals, so any search engine will give a large number of links with drawings. They are triangles with drawn contour lines, along which it is necessary to make incisions. Circle on the thick paper your workpiece, draw on it the cutting lines from the diagram. Pictures can be printed, most importantly, observe the scale. Make slits along the lines on the stencil.


Place the stencil on the workpiece from the napkin,So that all sides and angles coincide. Circle the resulting bends, cut out. Straighten the snowflake. Some details may not be the same, because the napkin has been folded several times, so you can bring the decoration to perfection, gently increasing the insufficiently large slits. To get a snowflake finished look, place it under the press or iron it with a warm iron, this will spread the folds.

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