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How do snowflakes of napkins

How do snowflakes of napkins

Cut snowflakes out of napkins are a perfect interior decoration in the New Year and Christmas holidays.

The process of creating these beauties openwork fascinating, because you can learn this art with the children.

You will need

  • - White salfetki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Pencil or ruchka-
  • - Cardboard or heavy paper to the stencil.



Select swipe of which will be cutsnowflakes. The structure of the paper should not be too loose, otherwise the slots will have ragged edges. If the two-layer cloth, is to make sure that the seams are not too easy to separate from each other, otherwise the finished part can be messed snowflakes. In addition, it is necessary to give preference to self-colored paper.


Prepare paper material. Folded into a square napkin put in front of him so that the angle formed by the fold, was sent to you. Fold it diagonally into a triangle with an angle of 45 degrees, this watch so that two adjacent sides of the square are the same. Once again it is necessary to fold the napkin along. As a result, you should have an elongated triangle with an angle of 22.5 degrees. Please note that one of the sides, forming an acute angle longer than the other, on the bend can be positioned long rays snowflakes.


Search the internet scheme to cut snowflakesfrom paper. At present, it has developed a whole new trend in the art of paper sculpture to create openwork crystals, so any search engine will give a large number of references to the drawings. They are plotted with triangles contour lines, which is necessary to make incisions. Circle on thick paper your workpiece, redraw it cut line with the scheme. Images can be printed, most importantly, keep the scale. Make cuts along the lines on the template.


Place the stencil on the blank of the napkin sothat all sides and corners are aligned. Circle the obtained curves, cut. Spread snowflake. Some parts may turn out uneven, since the napkin was folded several times, so you can bring the decoration to perfection, carefully increasing large enough slots. To get a complete view of a snowflake, place it under the press or iron the warm iron, it will spread its folds.

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