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How to make snowballs out of wool

How to make snowballs out of wool

People are genuinely happy arrival of the winter season, especially when a lot of snow. Then you can play with him, to contrive various romps.

To do this, from snow mold snowmen, build snow forts, and satisfied with snowballs snow battles.

While playing snowballs as possible and in a warm room, where there is no snow.

You will need

  • Vata, starch, water, glass, small pan or ladle, a teaspoon, a gas or electric stove



To do this, they must be made of snow,which from the heat quickly melts, turning into a puddle of water. Environmentally friendly artificial snow balls can be made from wool. And the first thing you need to cook the glue. It will also be environmentally friendly, since you cook it from natural ingredients - water and starch. Such glue must be cooked. He called paste. Take a glass and pour into it two hundred and fifty milliliters of cold water. You may need to cook the paste more, depending on the number of "snowballs."


Evenly mix two teaspoon of starch,and the mixture to a boil, but do not boil. Do not forget to stir. The paste is ready when it thickens sufficiently so that it can be spread, for example, a brush.


Welded adhesive allow to cool to a temperature comfortable to work with his hands.


Form balls of wool required size. Imagine how big snowball would be comfortable for your hand, and which - for children. On the large beads wool consumed more.


Prepare a container handy for dipping in glue, paste fill it cooled down.


Formed briefly dip the balls one by one in the paste and remove.


Glue more evenly with your fingers over the surface of a cotton wad. If necessary, squeeze a lump of excessive amounts of glue.


The resulting preform lay on a plastic surface or tray. Preferably even use a large flat ceramic or glass dish with a smooth surface.


Put the "snowball" to dry for about a day. And for even drying periodically (2-3 hours) overturn them.


After drying, the resulting "snowball" should be lightly mash and put in a box or basket. They can simply be used as a supplement to artificial snowdrift under the Christmas tree.

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