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How to make snowballs from cotton wool


How to make snowballs from cotton wool</a>

People are sincerely happy about the arrival of the winter season, especially when a lot of snow falls. Then you can play with him, start up various noisy games.

To do this, snowmen make snowmen, build snow fortresses, and snow battles with snowballs.

Although you can play snowballs in warm rooms, where there is no snow.

You will need

  • Vata, starch, water, glass, small pot or scoop, teaspoon, gas or electric stove



For this it is necessary to make them not from snow,Which from heat quickly melts, turning into pools of water. Environmentally friendly artificial snowballs can be made from cotton wool. And the first thing to do is prepare glue. It will also be environmentally friendly, as you prepare it from natural ingredients - water and starch. Such glue must be welded. It is called a paste. Take a glass and pour into it two hundred and fifty milliliters of cold water. You may need to weld more paste, depending on the number of "snowballs".


Stir evenly two teaspoons of starch,And bring this mixture to a boil, but do not boil. Do not forget to stir it. The paste will be ready when it is thick enough to be smeared with, for example, a brush.


Welded glue leave to cool to a temperature comfortable for work with hands.


Form the balls from the cotton wool the right size. Imagine how much snowballs would be comfortable for your hands, and what - for children. Big balls of cotton wool will be used up more.


Prepare a container, convenient for dipping in the glue, fill it with a cooled paste.


Formed pellets briefly dip one by one into the paste and take out.


Spread the glue more evenly over the surface of the cotton wool. If necessary, squeeze the lump of excess glue.


Place the resulting blanks on a plastic surface or tray. Preferably, even use a large flat ceramic or glass plate with a smooth surface.


Put the "snowballs" to dry for about a day. And to evenly dry periodically (after 2-3 hours) turn them over.


After drying, the resulting "snowballs" must be slightly crushed and put in a box or basket. They can simply be used as a supplement to an artificial snowdrift under the New Year tree.

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