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How to make skin without acne


How to make skin without acne</a>

Oily skin brings a lot of problems: acne, black spots and oily shine, which incredibly distort even the most pretty appearance.

Dry skin such issues affect to a lesser extent.

Solve this problem is not always possible, but a little to adjust the skin condition and get rid of acne easily.



Regularly use antibacterial agentsFor washing. They deeply clean the pores and disinfect, preventing microbes from developing. Pryshchikov will be significantly less after a few weeks of regular skin cleansing. Do not forget to process Skin After washing by tonic means, they pull together the expanded pores, which are the culprits of acne.


Apply only cream for problem skin, theyPerfectly moisturize, and also contain active ingredients that act purposefully to eliminate skin problems. Even if you are already many years old, you will still have the means for a young problem skin, but anti-aging will only aggravate the situation.


Regularly use a scrub and make masks out of clay. You can clean it Skin Ordinary salt of small grind. As an emergency, use shaving foam. Apply it on Skin For a few minutes and rinse, she will kill the bacteria and dry the pimples.


If you are not going to go anywhere in the morning, thenPunctually put or render an iodine directly on pryshchiki. It penetrates deep into the skin, warms and absorbs pus. By the way, iodine is perfectly absorbed and overnight, but after its application, after two hours, smear the face with the usual cream that you use regularly.


Drink vitamin complex, preferably with enhancedThe content of zinc, which is felt in the skin processes and cleans the body from the inside. If nothing helps, visit a dermatologist, sometimes acne is caused by subcutaneous mites, which can not be defeated by any cosmetic means, except by medical preparations.

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