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How to make ships in bottles


How to make ships in bottles</a>

One of the most mysterious souvenirs is a ship in a bottle. Without knowledge of special secrets, it is impossible to understand how a large and handsome sailer squeezed through the bottleneck.

And it is absolutely impossible to imagine that he was completely assembled inside the bottle.

You will need

  • - drawing of the ship-
  • - materials-
  • - A transparent bottle.



There are several basic ways to placeSailboat into the bottle. The easiest, recommended for beginner modelers, is to choose such dimensions of the ship, so that its body in the assembled state passed through the bottle neck. As for the masts, sails, cable threads, that is a little trick. The masts are fixed in the body not rigidly, like a real sailboat, but on hinges. This allows you to push the ship with the masts folded into the bottle and then straighten the masts and secure them with rigging.


A similar method, but without hinges, is toThe fact that a thin line is attached to the base of the mast, which is passed through the hull of the ship and the mast opening. The principle here is the same: a sailer with lying masts is placed in a bottle, after which the line is stretched, and the mast is in its place. If it is additionally fixed with glue, then no storms to the ship are terrible.


The third option - to use as a guy notOrdinary threads, but glued, rigid, like straws. An outsider can not guess the difference, and assembling such a ship is much easier than using conventional threads.


All these were ways of suggesting that the bodyThe ship passes through the neck in the assembled state. But really appreciated those ships in bottles that were collected directly in it. Naturally, with the use of some secrets, for example, glued from several parts of the body. The gluing places are masked by the waterline and superstructures. Of course, to collect such a ship is much more laborious work than to build a mock-up with hinged masts on the table, and push it into the bottle. If the options for the body to the size of the neck of professional modelers takes about a week, then these masterpieces are built up to six months.


The construction of ships in bottles is an interesting andAn exciting activity, because you have to not only sharpen the accuracy of movements and dexterity of fingers, but also to study the structure of sailing ships, the names of rigging parts, types of sailboats, and therefore develop their erudition.

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