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How do ships in bottles

How to ships in bottles

One of the most mysterious gift - a ship in a bottle. No special knowledge is impossible to understand the secrets of how big and beautiful sailboat pushed through the bottleneck.

And it is quite impossible to imagine that he was entirely assembled inside the bottle.

You will need

  • - Drawing korablya-
  • - material-
  • - Clear bottle.



There are several ways to placesailboat in the bottle. The easiest recommended for beginners, is to select the size of the ship to his body in an assembled state passed through the bottleneck. With regard to the masts, sails, guy strands, that is a little trick. Masts mounted in the body is not tough, like a real sailboat, and on the hinges. This allows you to push a ship with masts folded in a bottle and only then straighten the mast and secure rigging.


A similar method, but without hinges, isthat attaches to the mast base thin fishing line, which passes through the hull of the ship and a hole for the mast. The principle here is the same: a sailboat masts lying placed into the bottle, after which the line was drawn, and the mast stands in its place. If it is additionally secured with glue, no ship is not afraid of the storm.


The third option - to use as the guys do notordinary thread and glued, hard, like straws. To an outsider, the viewer of the difference not guess, and the assembly of such a ship is much easier than with conventional threads.


All these methods have been suggesting that the housingship passes through the neck in the assembled state. But really appreciated those ships in the bottles, which were collected directly into it. Naturally, the use of certain secrets, for example, of several parts glued body. Places gluing masked waterline and superstructure. Of course, such a ship to collect - much more hard work than to build on the table layout with a hinged masts, and push it into the bottle. If the options with the body size of the neck for professional modelers takes about a week, the real masterpieces are built up to six months.


Building ships in bottles - an interesting andexciting experience, because not only have to sharpen the accuracy of movements and finger dexterity, but also to study the structure of sailing ships, names of parts of the rigging, types of sailing vessels, and thus develop their erudition.

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