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How to make sample

How to make sample

Musical art - one of the oldest ways of human expression.

For a long time making music was available only to selected, talented musicians.

Today to create your track can practically everyone - with the use of special equipment and software semlirovaniya.

You will need

  • - Frutty Loops or Logic-
  • - Input device: midi-keyboard, pads or similar.



Sample - a small piece of music,used to create a separate track or acoustic patterns. Sampling - the process of recording and processing of sound fragments and their subsequent grouping has been actively used in the 70-ies of XX century.


The advantage of sampling isaccessibility for beginners technology and its convenience for professionals. At the moment, the creation of almost all electronic music, backing tracks for rap and arrangements for pop music takes place with the active use of samples.


First, you need to configure to create the sampletools. Set the music editing program. Most Popular: FL Studio, Cubase, Logic (last - only for MacOS). Now you are ready to create the first sample.


Add to the program music file - as a rule, it can simply drag and drop the folder with the documents or the desktop directly into the sequencer (also known as software for editing music).


Now, the soundtrack should be cut. Highlight the sound you like, you want to use in other projects or send someone. In the menu "Edit» (Edit, «Edit") to select "Trim» (New Sample). Listen to the sound again (sometimes when editing you can capture more or less than I). Save the finished music files in WAV format (it is considered to be universal) or AIFF, WORK.


The sample can not create from scratch, but usinghas created other sound artists projects. To this must be imposed on the downloaded file (you can find it in the public libraries Sampletools.ru, Sample-create.ru) effects and save in the specified format initially.

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