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HOW do of napkin rose

How to make a rose out of napkins

Recently, crafts, made in the style of hand made, more and more are gaining popularity. They can be created using conventional improvised.

To decorate your kitchen beautiful basket of roses to decorate a gift box or a bright flower, you'll need a little patience and a few napkins in different colors.

Follow the detailed instructions and make roses out of napkins with your hands cheap and beautiful!

You will need

  • - Multicolored salfetki-
  • - Wire stebley-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - glue



Take colored single-ply napkinswire. Thereafter wipes cut flower into 4 equal parts, and the green napkin - strips (width of 1-1.5 cm) and small rectangles (6 4 cm). Then add the red (pink) napkin almost in half, leaving a small gap at the bottom.


Start the spinning edge swipe. At the same time, try to give it the shape of a petal. As a result, you should have realistic petals. Set them aside and cut? another part napkin 4 parts. From a square ball roll. Clip it on the tip of the wire. After that, tighten the square next to the ball, dropping the wire and creating a kind of doll. To not unfolded napkin, glue it a small amount of adhesive at the base.


Then wrap the whole green wire cloth(Billet). You ready to stem roses. Now you can proceed to the most important part of the work - the assembly of all the petals. Start the spinning pitch-blank around the core. Do not forget to straighten them gently, giving them a "life". To fix after each subsequent attachment tab at the bottom of the glue drip at the base of the bud. Usually enough for 3 petals bud. It can be 4-5, but for beginners it will be harder.


The last steps in the creation of a rose with his handswill be harvesting thorns and leaves. Take 4 rectangle green and twist are thin tubes. As a result, you will get the spikes. After that proceed to the creation of leaflets. Take 2 green rectangle and spinning their tips, form leaves. Glue the 4 spines near the base of the rose. Tightly wrap the base of the bud green stripe and finish work, gluing leaves. Your homemade rose from tissues ready!

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