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How to make roses from napkins


How to make roses from napkins</a>

Recently, crafts made in the style of hand made, more and more gaining popularity. They can be created with the help of conventional tools.

In order to decorate your kitchen with a beautiful basket of roses or decorate the gift wrap with a bright flower, you will need a little patience and a couple of napkins of different colors.

Follow the detailed instructions and make roses from napkins by yourself cheap and beautiful!

You will need

  • - multi-colored napkins-
  • - wire for stems-
  • - scissors-
  • - glue



Take multi-colored single-layer napkins andWire. After that, cut the flower napkins into 4 equal parts, and the green napkin into strips (1-1.5 cm wide) and small rectangles (6 by 4 cm). Then fold the red (pink) napkin in half, leaving a small gap below.


Begin to twist the edge of the napkin. In doing so, try to give it the shape of a petal. In the end, you should get realistic petals. Set them aside and cut them? Part of the napkin for another 4 parts. From one square, roll the ball. Secure it to the tip of the wire. After that, twist the next square on the ball, sinking on the wire and creating a kind of doll. To prevent the napkin from turning around, glue it with a small amount of glue at the base.


Then wrap the whole wire with a green cloth(Workpiece). You have a stem of roses. Now you can proceed to the most important part of the work - the assembly of all the petals. Start twisting the petals around the core. Do not forget to carefully spread them, giving them a "life". For fixation, after attaching each subsequent petal, drip glue down at the base of the bud. Usually enough 3 petals for the bud. You can do 4-5, but for beginners this will be more difficult.


The last stages in creating a rose with your own handsWill be the preparation of thorns and leaves. Take 4 rectangles of green color and twist from them thin tubes. As a result, you get thorns. After that, proceed to create leaflets. Take the 2 green rectangles and, twisting their tips, form the leaves. Glue the four spikes near the base of the rose. Tightly wind the base of the bud with a green strip and finish the work, pasting the leaves. Your self-made rose of napkins is ready!

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