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How to make rose oil itself

How to make rose oil itself

In modern aromatherapy, in perfumery, cosmetology, in medicine and is widely used in cooking rose oil.

In industry, it is obtained by steam distillation of rose color or by extraction (soaking).

For use of this essential oilflowers rose red and bright pink varieties, always with a strong odor. Collect these flowers are best before sunrise, while the essential oils under its warm rays to evaporate.

On the petals collected should be no water.

You will need

  • - olive oil
  • - rose petals



The home cooking of rose oil by distillation or extraction is not possible, but you can make a real pink butterWhich will be no worse in quality than promyshlennoe.Dlya make pink butter yourself, you need a basic framework. To do this it is best to take the olive butter. If the olive oil you do not, fit, and sesame, and in extreme cases - sunflower.


make rose butter itself in several ways.Take a glass of olive oil, pour them two or three glasses of rose petals, close tightly and leave in a dark place, sometimes stirring or shaking. After 2-3 weeks, strain. The oil is ready, store it in a dark place tightly closed.


Olive butter heat up to 50 degrees in a water bath, pourto fit as rose petals, put in a warm place. In hot weather, you can expose to the sun. After 2 days, remove all the petals and lay new and repeat the whole procedure again. Do this 10-12 times in all. Keep the same as in method 1.


Put cotton in a glass jar so that it takes up half the volume of the remaining space in the pot pour rose petals and fill to the top with olive butterm. tightly closed jar put in the sun. A day later, a well-wrung out, replace the fresh petals on. Doing this for 2 weeks, you will receive butter with a persistent scent of roses. The oil thus prepared, store in refrigerator.

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