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How to make a rosary of bread


How to make a rosary of bread</a>

The technology of making beads from bread was invented by prisoners in places of deprivation of liberty for a very long time.

The zekami beads are used not to count the prayers, but in order to show by this cultic subject their belonging to a certain group in the hierarchical structure of the prison society.

You will need

  • Bread from white flour of 2-3 grades or flour of the same quality, sugar, chintz or coarse calico.



To make beads from bread you will need: Actually bread, is best suited for the worst quality, of white flour is 2-3 grades, sugar, a substance for rubbing. White light bread with the addition of artificial swirlers, like Turkish, for example, does not fit. Separate the crumb of bread from the crust, fold into a saucepan, sugar add to the eye, the exact proportions can only be calculated by experience.


Pour the contents of the pan with boiling water, and leaveFor a couple of days in a warm place. The readiness of the mass can be determined by the characteristic acidic smell, this is the oxide of bread. Now take the material out of the water, squeeze it lightly, rub it through a piece of calico or chintz, discard the leftovers.

The resulting squeezed squeezing spread onCellophane to dry, from time to time mixing and turning. When the mass of its consistency becomes similar to plasticine, mold out the links of the beads from it. If they are arranged in a row with intervals of about 5 mm, the total length should be equal to the length of your palm, this is for flip-flops.


As the result will be a very strong product,Then after drying the links it is necessary to pierce them with a needle with a strong synthetic thread. As drying, the thread should be pulled to prevent it from drying out, and that the holes are drilled to the desired size, for better slip. You should also sculpt or cut out patterns and symbols with a knife, while the material is still malleable.

You can color the rosary beads by rubbing them inA plastic mass before molding several tablets of activated carbon. If you do not expect to calcine the product, you can achieve other colors by adding a paste of ballpoint pens to the paste.


When the links dry completely, for maximumStrength of the beads, remove them from the thread, place for a while in the cold stove of the gas stove, bring the temperature to 120-150 degrees, bake, without increasing the heat. After cooling, you can cut the blurred contours of the pattern or patterns with a knife or incisors, then collect the finished product.

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