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How to make the room of fear

Arrange a real fear of a room in the home is quite realistic.

You just need to stock up on the necessary details and indicate the topic.

You can create a "horror" as an examplepopular films. For example, hang a mask of the thriller "Scream" or find a black cloak with a hood, which can clothe hanger with clothes, and put on her hook frightening mask.

Or buy in the store a variety of tricks glowing eyes, crawling spiders, etc.

You will need

  • dark clothes, wigs, white, bird sounds, animal dummies



Subject. If you want to surprise home vile insects, find dummies in pet stores, souvenir shops or shops jokes. There you should find a decent copy of the skull. Now go to the grocery store, where sweets are sold. Buy sweet "worms" - long multi-colored chewing sticks. You can find a chewy candy - toffees and jellies in the shape of the eye. Place this sweetness inside the skull, and it takes the form of the head, infested with worms. Or you can imagine in the room tales of heroes, like Baba Yaga or Bag of Bones. Connect soft toys that they resembled the human form. Draw a face on a piece of paper, paint the it. Find wigs and dark clothing. Skeleton Koshchey can be drawn. Take a black cloth and put on it with white paint strokes that resemble bones.


Sounds. Let your guests come numb with terror, he heard the characteristic sounds of the objects of horror. To do this, you can buy a CD with the sounds of nature, where for example, an owl hoots, or cuckoo cuckoo or a woodpecker knocking. Or record a sound on an audio CD when you view relevant movies.


Shine. Or rather, lack thereof. But darkness shall not be the pitch, otherwise your efforts no one will notice. Make a figure, causing fear, lighting (flashlight, colorful lamp shade). And be in the room this guide - an artist for its guests.

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