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How to make repairs in the bathroom with no errors

Making repairs qualitatively

Doing your own bathroom renovation, some make a lot of basic errors.

The better will be repaired, so you will not soon think about the next, the next repair.

List all repair errors is hardly possible.

But there are key points that are worth paying attention to.



Often planning oblitsevat tiled walltiles, lay people make the wrong calculation of material. Tile size on the box can be given with a tolerance of 2 mm. In a long line of such difference will be significantly noticeable, so the tile is better to buy a stock. The remains may be useful later, for example, to replace the cracked tiles.


Do not use a smooth glossy tiles for flooring. On wet ceramic granite is very easy to slip, so better to choose tile with anti-slip properties.


When designing a floor heating should payattention to how far from the heating element to the furniture, particularly if the furniture is made of wood. At a distance of less than 10 cm cabinets are cracked by heating and drying.


It is important to distribute in the bathroomroom lighting, especially if you have a dark ceramic tile. In this case, a large bath in which the ventilation is good, you can hang any fixtures, but in small - only special models designed for wet areas. These lamps come with a private patron.

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