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How to make repairs in the bathroom without errors


We make repairs qualitatively</a>

Doing the self-repair of the bathroom, some make a lot of elementary mistakes.

The more quality repairs will be made, the sooner you will think about the next, next repair.

It is hardly possible to list all repair errors.

But there are the main points that you should pay attention to.



Often planning to tile the walls with tilesTiles, laymen make an incorrect calculation of the material. The size of the tiles on the box can be given with a deviation of 2 mm. In the long row, such a difference will be noticeable, so tile is better to buy with a margin. Remains can come in handy later, for example, to replace the cracked tiles.


Do not use a smooth glossy tile for flooring. On wet porcelain stoneware it is very easy to slip, so tile is better to choose with anti-slip properties.


When designing a floor heating, it is necessary to drawAttention to the distance from the heating element to the furniture, especially if the furniture is made of wood. At a distance of less than 10 cm, the cabinets can crack from heating and drying.


It is very important to distribute correctly in the bathroomRoom lighting, especially if you have dark ceramic tiles. At the same time, in a large bath in which good ventilation, you can hang any lights, but in a small - only special models designed for wet rooms. Such lamps come with a closed cartridge.

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