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How to make reference in the text

How to make reference in the text

Link - from the English "link bundle" - a word, phrase, or image (including animated), by pressing on which there is a transition to a different site.

Sometimes, instead of a veiled reference simply used address of a site, but because of the attractiveness of the blog in general or a particular material in particular usually encrypted links.



The most common method of execution references - Via HTML-tag. When using a simple one page opens in the same window (and in the same tab). It looks like this tag: & lt-a href = & quot-branch address & quot- & gt-commentary on the link or other text & lt- / a & gt-


Another tag allows you to open the page in a new window (in Safari, the page opens in a new tab). If you do not want when you press references page of your message is closed, use this tag: & lt-a href = & quot-transition site address & quot- target = & quot-_blank & quot- & gt-Comment & lt- / a & gt-


Additionally, you can provide a link popupcommentary. For example, move the cursor to the word-link by using a third tag, and you will see your own comment: & lt-a href = & quot-page transition & quot- target = & quot-_blank & quot- title = & quot-your comment in a popup window & quot- & gt-text references& Lt- / a & gt-. This link will open in a new window. If you do not need to change a little tag.


In the role of references The picture may be used, andabsolutely any. You do not have to download it on your own computer, but open it and copy the address from the address bar. Then, use the tag: & lt-a href = & quot-address conversion page & quot- target = _blank title = & quot-Comment & quot- & gt- & lt-img src = & quot-address image file & quot- & gt- & lt- / a & gt-.


All of these methods are suitable if you arrange references in HTML-editor mode (sometimes called"A source"). In the visual editor, the tags are useless, but the link can be arranged with the help of special buttons. Highlight the word you want to make into a link. Locate the toolbar button that looks like two chain link (when the cursor appears the inscription "Attach a link" or similar). Click on it.


In the box, enter the address references. On this page the reader will jump by pressing the corresponding word in the message.

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