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How to make links in the abstract


How to make links in the abstract</a>

At a writing of abstracts and research works various sources are used.

According to generally accepted requirements, when mentioning information from these sources in the text, it is necessary to make references to them.



Links in scientific works are paginated(Located on the same page where the source is mentioned) and end (located at the end of the section or chapter). To make a link in the abstract using MS Word, go to the "Links" tab.


Place the cursor right after the word or phrase,Which you want to add a link. Further, depending on the type of links used, select either "Insert footnote" or "Insert end note". The word next to which the cursor was placed will be marked with a superscript - an Arabic number. At the bottom of the page or at the end of the section will appear a line labeled with the same number.


Enter the information aboutSource of the information you provide. In the link, indicate the author and the name of the source, the year and place of publication, the page where the quote you are using is located. For example: Balabanov IT. Currency transactions / I.T. Balabanov. - Moscow: Finance and Statistics, 1993. - P. 52.

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