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How to make rag dolls


How to make rag dolls</a>

Dolls bring joy not only to children, but also to adults. After all, they can be both a toy, and an ornament of an interior, and an indispensable actress of your house theater.

And how will the road to your heart be the doll that you make yourself!

It is not difficult to manufacture it yourself.



Use for the base doll elastic female tights or knee-length socks. First, form a ball of cotton wool - this is the future head of the doll. Then put the knee socks on this ball and give it the right shape.


Insert a stick inside the ball, which will become the core of the doll. On the other side of this wand, form a trunk.


Label your neck, tightly pulling your wand under your head with a slice of golf in several layers. Next, stretch the rest of the golf on the trunk and sew them from below.


Do not forget to select the waist line - draw this place with a thread.


Proceed further to the manufacture of hands and feet. Their basis can be rolled up in a tube of paper. Wrap them with the leftovers of tights.


The palms are sewn from rectangular pieces of fabric, which must be filled with cotton. Sew the fabric, thereby indicating the fingers. Now sew all parts of the body to the body.


Sew a doll clothes. The simplest version of clothes for a doll is a sarafan. Take a rectangular scrap of any fabric. Stitch its edges, put it on the doll, then thread the thread in the top of the sarafan and tighten it. All sundresses are ready. You can sew the sleeves to it, in the same way, threading the fabric and collecting the thread at the top and bottom.


Tie the dolls shoes that can be stuffed with cotton and sew at the feet.


An important detail of the doll's image is her face andhairstyle. The face can be painted with a pencil or paints - it all depends on your imagination. Some craftsmen even embroider eyes and mouth. A hairstyle can be built from threads "mulina". Weave a beautiful braid out of them and attach it to the head. You can decorate your hair with a bow or tie a bow around your head.


The last strokes remain - tie the sarafan with a beautiful ribbon. On the neck of the doll hang beautiful beads. So you got a real rag doll!

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