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HOW do rag dolls

Making rag doll

Dolls bring joy not only for children but also for adults. After all, they can also be a toy, and decoration of interior and an indispensable actor in your home theater.

And what is the way to your heart is the doll that you make yourself!

Produce it yourself is not difficult.



Use bases doll female elastic tights or stockings. First, create a ball of wool - is the future head doll. Then, this ball put socks and give it the desired shape.


Insert stick into the ball, which will be the rod puppet. On the other hand this rod shape body.


Mark's neck, dragging his wand tightly under his head folded in several layers of a piece of golf. Then pull on the body the rest of the golf and sew them to the bottom.


Do not forget to highlight the waistline - drag this place thread.


Go further to the manufacture of arms and legs. Their basis can be rolled into a tube sheet of paper. Wrap them remains tights.


Hands sew from rectangular pieces of fabric that need to fill with cotton wool. Sew the fabric, thereby marking the fingers. Now sew all parts of the body to the body.


Sew doll clothes. The easiest option for doll clothes - a sundress. Take a rectangular patch of any fabric. Sew the edges, put on the doll, then thread the top sundress and tighten it. All sundress ready. It can be sewn sleeve, in the same way Stitch fabric and collecting thread on top and bottom.


Tie a doll shoes that you can fill with cotton wool and sew the legs.


An important detail is the image of the doll and her facehairstyle. A person can draw a pencil or paint - it all depends on your imagination. Some craftsmen even embroider eyes and mouth. A hairstyle can be built from the thread "floss". Weave of these beautiful braid and attach it to the head. You can decorate the hair bow or bow tie around his head.


There were the final touches - tie sundress beautiful tesemochkoy. On the doll's neck hang beautiful beads. So get yourself a real rag doll!

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