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How to make a plastic window


Plastic window can be made by own hands</a>

Plastic window surely comes to replaceWooden frames. This is due to the unsurpassed performance of plastic double-glazed windows: thermal insulation, noise insulation, resistance to deformation, durability, ease of cleaning.

However, many are still frightened by the price of windows and installations. If you install the window yourself, you can save up to 30-40% of the initial cost of the window.

But even if you do not intend to put a window yourself, but order it, you need to know what the installers must do in the process of work.

And what exactly, we will tell you.

You will need

  • Instruments:
  • * Punch-
  • * Drel-
  • * Level-
  • * Mounting gun-
  • Materials:
  • * Ready-made double-glazed windows-
  • * Mounting foam-
  • * Fasteners



First, it is necessary to dismantle the old frame withGlasses. Remove the leaf from the hinges. If the window is deaf, then remove the glazing beads and remove the glass. Then remove all the wooden parts of the frame and clean the opening, removing all the dust and construction debris. Now the opening is ready for installation of a new plastic double-glazed unit.


In the complete set with any ready window there should be a podstavochny profile. In it, drill a hole drill with 4 holes in the places where the double-glazed window is fastened to the opening.


Lay a seal around the perimeter of the frameVapor permeable tape. Expose the profile by level and pre-fix it with wooden spacers. At the level of the holes made before, punch the perforator into the wall. Insert the anchors into these holes by stretching them. The mounting profile is fixed in the wall.


Then the entire perimeter of the opening must be carefullyMoisten with water and blow out all the gaps between the wall and installation profile with foam. When the foam dries from above, it occurs after 20-30 minutes, outside the window it is necessary to mount the ebb with screws. Under the ebb, pour a little foam, so that in the future the water does not bang loudly on low tide.


From inside, a mounting foam is poured on the place of the future window sill, a window sill is installed, leveling at the installation level, and a load is placed on it so that the foam does not lift it when it is expanded.


Now it is necessary to install the double-glazed windows in the wood grouses and hang the sashes. During the day, the window is better not to disturb, at this time the foam dries.


When the foam dries, its excess is cut off, and from within, the gap in which the foam is filled is covered with a vapor barrier tape. On top of the junction of the frame and the walls are covered with plastic panels.

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