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How to make plastic window

The plastic box can be made with your own hands

Plastic window steadily replaceswooden frames. It is connected with unsurpassed performance plastic glazing: thermal insulation, sound insulation, dimensional stability, durability, ease of cleaning.

However, many people are still afraid of the window and price of installation. If the window to install yourself, you can save up to 30-40% of the initial value of the window.

But even if you do not want to put the window, and will order, you need to know what have to do the installers on the job.

And what exactly, we'll show you.

You will need

  • Instruments:
  • * Perforator-
  • * Drel-
  • * Uroven-
  • * Mounting pistolet-
  • Materials:
  • * Ready steklopaket-
  • * Mounting pena-
  • * Fasteners



First you must dismantle the old frame withglasses. Remove the flap from its hinges. If the window blind, then remove the glazing beads and remove the glass. Then remove all the wooden parts of the frame and smooth out the opening, removing all dust and debris. Now the opening is ready to install the new plastic windows.


Included with any window ready to go Podstavochny profile. It hammer drill 4 holes in the attachment points to the glass opening.


Run around the perimeter of the sealing framevapor-permeable tape. Align the profile and the level of pre-fix it with wooden struts. At the level of the done previously spudded punch holes in the wall. Insert into the holes of the anchor, stretching them. The installation profile is fixed to the wall.


The entire perimeter of the aperture must be carefullymoisten with water and blow out all the gaps between the wall and the mounting profile of the mounting foam. When the foam has dried on, this occurs in 20-30 minutes, the window must be mounted outside reflux with screws. Under the tide pour a little foam that in the future water will not knocked loudly on the ebb.


Inside on the future site of the sill poured assembly foam, install a window sill, by aligning the mounting level, and give him the goods to the expansion of the foam did not raise it.


Now you need to install the glazing in capercaillie and hang sash. During the day the window is better not to bother, at this time of dry foam.


When the foam dries, the excess is cut, and the inside gap, which is filled with foam close vapor barrier tape. Top space frame joint and walls closed plastic panels.

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