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How to make pineapple from sweets

How to make a pineapple made of sweets

Despite the large selection of products in the store, the thing that you will create with their own hands, will always stand out.

Such conventional gift items such as champagne and chocolates can be present in a very unusual form, putting them in the form of pineapple.

You will need

  • - Full bottle shampanskogo-
  • - candies-
  • - Gun hot kleem-
  • - Green and yellow bumaga-
  • - Double-sided tape-
  • - Scissors.



Fold the color green paper accordion widthabout 3 cm. Cut the workpiece length of 10 cm with a sharp edge in the amount of 5 pieces, then from another accordion make 5 more pieces of 15 cm long. They must remind long and narrow leaves of pineapple.


Glue them together. Put in a series of first all long leaves and glue them to the strip of double-sided tape, placing it at the bottom of the workpiece. Turn prepared decorative element and paste staggered shorter leaves with a gun with hot glue.


For a more naturalistic production of leafpineapple, you can use a special floral tape, which resembles a chrysanthemum leaf pattern and is very well suited for decorative works.


Wrap a bottle of champagne and a green papersecure it with paper or transparent tape. It is more convenient and cheaper to use, or corrugated paper or thin tissue paper. This point can be omitted altogether, only candy will have to tear itself from the bottle.


Cut into squares of approximately 8x8 cm, yellow orgreen paper. Beautifully will look thin translucent paper, which can be found in art supply stores. If there is a green candy wrappers pictures, use yellow or orange paper. If only the yellow wrappers, take the green paper.


Glue the center of a square piece of candy. Pick up candy that is shaped like a ball or hemisphere. If the sweet shell consists of hemispheres, then attach them to the squares of paper with the flat side.


Fold the edge of the square to the top of the candy,Apply glue to the paper and attach to the bottle candy. Work start from the bottom of the bottle, with its candy in a circle close to each other. The next series of stick staggered.


Stop when you reach the neck of the bottle. Wrap it prepared a strip of green leaves, sticking them on the adhesive tape. The junction of chocolates with green leaves wrap the twine or ribbon.

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