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How to make a jetty and boat in minecraft


How to make a jetty and boat in minecraft</a>

Boats in the world Minecraft is the fastest way to move, except for the railroad, which must first be built.

The boat can be made at the very beginning of the game and with its help to explore the coast line or the river bed.

How to build a boat?

To make a boat, you will need onlyFive boards (and four more to make a workbench). The boards on the workbench should be placed in the form of a bowl, filling the entire lower horizontal and the outer cells of the middle horizontal. If possible, it is better to make several boats, because they are easily broken by accident, for example, by flying onto the water inhabitants. Losing a boat in the middle of the open sea is not very pleasant.
Simplicity of manufacture allows to useBoat almost immediately after the start of the game. However, to travel on the water was successful, you need to get food. Especially if you are going to explore not the river, but the sea. At the initial stage, if you are "lucky" to discover next to a spider or cobweb from which you can get the yarn to create a fishing rod, the best way to catch food is to fish. In addition, it can be dealt with directly while navigating the sea or rivers. In the latest versions of the game, other species were added to regular fish. Salmon and clownfish are quite edible, but the puffer is poisonous. Usually it is used for potions.

Boats can not swim in the lava, in it they quickly collapse.

Be careful while using the boat,If at high speed to fly into it in a solid block, your vehicle will fall apart on boards and sticks, and you will find yourself in the water. The boat may break if the aquatic inhabitant attempts to float under it.

Why do I need a berth?

To safely "park" a boat, you needTo equip a special port or pier. There are two types of blocks in the game that do not break the boat in a collision, even at a decent speed. This is a wool and sand shower. If you lay out the berth with these materials, you can crash into it at any speed without risk of breaking the boat.

On the boat you can swim through any door.

The berth can be a smallDeepening in the shoreline. If you plan to park him with only one boat, the space of 2x2 blocks, lined with "safe" blocks, will fit. If you are going to park an entire fleet, make the bay more, however, this will require more "safe" materials. You can make a whole mechanism of pistons and schemes of red stone, which will close the entrance to such a bay.
Wool can be obtained from sheep. It is best to cut them with scissors, and not to kill. This is much more practical, since when shearing a sheep, more than one block of wool falls out. In addition, it is possible to grow colorful sheep, which allows using different color combinations in the design of the berth.
Sand of souls can be found only in the Lower World. In order to get into it, you need to make an obsidian portal. Sand of souls is not the most common material, so it will take time to search for it. The lower world is an aggressive and dangerous environment, it is much easier to find sheep in the ordinary world.

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