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How to make photo window

Natural light from a window allows to do without the expensive lighting

Natural light from a window - loyal assistant novice photographer.

Not at all necessary to install expensive lighting equipment, it can be replaced normal window, with which you can even create some special effects.

We just need to know how to do it.



Before you pick up the camera, you need to understand that "the photo in window"And" picture on the background window"- Two completely different things.


The first example is one of the simplest - just stand in window and position the model so that it waswell-lit light penetrating the room. If the model is sitting full face to the window, her face would be illuminated evenly and without unnecessary shadows. This method is suitable for photographing at home for a passport, and other documents.


Expanding the model half-turned, you geta wonderful black and white drawing, which immediately give the person light volume and a mysterious note. The brighter the day and darker the room, the more pronounced pattern you will be able to capture.


But sometimes the box is an integral part of the composition. Having decided to take this step, consider all the details. Just putting the person at window and clicking the camera shutter, you get moreall black outline silhouette on embossed in white background. Shooting backlit - no easy matter. Try to reflect some of the light in the model with the help of self-made screen, which can be made from a large white sheet or sheet of paper. If you have to apply the same spot metering, a photo sure to succeed.


Very interesting photos from window can be obtained in the evening, when it's onlyIt begins to darken. Turn an ordinary room lighting, the greatest effect you can achieve by using incandescent lamps. Create a composition with the participation of window. The camera get the white balance setting to select among them "artificial lighting" or "incandescent", you can then start photographing.


Preview the pictures, you can notNot impressed. Once in the frame of the window will glow blue delicate, depth of which will depend on the extent of the coming darkness. Even a difference of 5-10 minutes will be clearly visible in the image, from which you can if you want to make a very real fairy-tale postcard with the effect of twilight.

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