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How to take a photo of the day


How to take a photo of the day</a>

Beautiful photos allow you to admire themAgain and again, and how they warm the soul of the photographer who managed to capture these moments - not to convey in words. It happens that even from under the hands and eyes of a professional not always go out great photos.

Therefore, it is necessary to approach this process not only creatively, but also to equip with the necessary knowledge and accessories for shooting.



Equipment. For high-quality shooting, a mirror camera is a good choice. It is based on a mirror image, i.e. The projection on the matrix itself is visible, which allows you to instantly assess the quality of the image. To the hands do not tremble when you take a picture, and there was no glare on the photo, do not take photos on the weight, covering the lens with the hand from the sun's rays. A special stand and a shield from the sun or shadow can be built by yourself if they are not available. Place the camera on a stable surface and find a large cardboard format. The stand can be made from several bricks, placed a row up, and cardboard - from the box from under the TV, for example.


Selecting a location. In advance, think about the place where you will take a picture. If you choose nature, i.е. Shooting outdoors, it should take into account weather disasters and crowded. Indoors, you need to set the light correctly to make the subject look better and also find the right background. Most often the background is a solid matter of gray color. With the color of the fabric, you can experiment, the main thing is that the background color and the object being photographed do not merge with each other.


Form. If you are photographing a person, beforehand, worry about its appearance. Clothing, makeup, hair style should be performed in a unified style. Also, before shooting, a person should not be squeezed and shy. The best Photo Demonstrate the naturalness, openness and sincere expression of emotions. Therefore, before you click on the camera, tell a funny story or anecdote.

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