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How to make a photo of the day

How to make a photo of the day

Beautiful photos allow to admire themagain and again, and they warm the soul photographer who managed to capture data points - beyond words. It happens that even out of the hands and eyes of a professional does not always come out perfect photo.

Therefore, for this process must be approached not only creative, but also armed with the necessary knowledge and accessories for the shooting.



Equipment. SLR camera is well suited for high-quality photography. It is based on a mirror image, ie, very visible on the projection matrix that allows you to instantly evaluate the quality of the image. To arms trembling at the picture, and there was no glare in the photo, do not take pictures in the air, covering the hand lens from the sun's rays. Special rack and a shield from the sun or the shade, you can build yourself, if they are not available. Put the camera on a stable surface and find a large board format. Rack can be made of several bricks, set up side by side, and cardboard - out of the box from under the TV, for example.


The choice of location. Plan the place where you spend photographing. If you choose nature, ie, shooting outdoors, it is necessary to take into account extreme weather events and crowded. Indoors you need to correctly set the light to the subject looked profitable, as well as to find a suitable background. Most often, the background is a solid color fabric gray color. With the color of fabric, you can experiment, as long as the background color and the photographed object is not merged with each other.


Form. If you photograph a person in advance pobespokoytes about his appearance. Clothes, makeup, hairstyle should be made in the same style. Also, before you shoot a person should not be clamped and shy. best Photo demonstrate naturalness, openness and a sincere expression of emotion. So before you make a click on the camera, tell funny anecdote or a bike.

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