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HOW do Case for phone and charger

How to make a case for the phone and charger

Agree that to carry in your bag for the phone charger is not very convenient.

It is constantly confused and interfere. That's why I suggest you make Case for charger.

Incidentally, it is useful not only in it.

It is possible to put the phone while charging.

You will need

  • - denim-
  • - cotton fabric-
  • - Buttons of different sizes - 4 piece-
  • - Contrasting nitki-
  • - flizelin-
  • - bulavki-
  • - a piece of chalk-
  • - Scissors.



The cover for the battery charger denimIt is located on the outer side and cotton on the inside. If cotton crafts for this you have chosen rather thin, it is necessary to seal the interlining.


From denim and cotton cloth is necessary2 carve out a rectangle of the same size. Then, with the help of chalk should be on one edge detail draw roundness. Do not forget to leave the seam allowances to 1 cm in length. Cut out the details of the circuit. Thus, one edge of the cover is rounded future, and the second - rectangular.


Now received items need to be folded so thatthey were right sides together, then stitch them on the sewing machine. When will not stitched 3-4 centimeters, it should turn next cover on the front side. After the procedure done sew the hole.


The preform, which has turned out, it should be divided3 equally sized pieces. To make it more convenient, make a chalk mark. On the rounded portion of the preform is necessary to draw a valve, after which it was cut. Its edges should hem. To do this in several places along the arc notch allowance then sew them by hand in the inside of artifacts, that is, between the layers of tissue.


It remains to decorate crafts. To do this, all sew decorative stitches and sew on buttons. The biggest of them must be such as to fit the size of the valve, and could fasten the product. Case for the phone and the charger is ready!

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