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How to make perfect skin at home

Ideal facial skin - the dream of many women.

However, in order to achieve stunning results do not necessarily spend a lot of time in beauty salons.

With proper care, you can make your skin perfect and at home.



Make your face perfect at homeIt helps a balanced diet and avoiding harmful habits. Include in your daily diet as many fruits, vegetables and herbs, and the result will not take long. Also drink as much drinking water as possible.


To the facial skin was perfect, imperative and will exercise regularly. In addition, if you want the complexion improved - a daily walk in the fresh air.


Determine which type belongs to your skin,and use only those cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. At the same time, give preference to those funds that are made on a natural basis.


Protect your skin from the adverseeffects. So, in the summer, do not abuse sunburn, for any prolonged stay in the sun, use a cream with protective properties. In addition, a special protective cream is necessary, and for the winter period.


Make your face perfect at homeRegular exfoliation helps. If you have oily skin type, then apply the scrub twice a week. If the skin is dry, or combination, it is sufficient to cleansing the skin once a week.


Make a face mask at least once a week, as they improve the tone of the skin and provide it with the necessary nutrients.


For skin in the eye area, use only specially designed for this facility.


Provide your skin regular nutrition and hydration - Apply a few hours before bedtime nourishing cream. If the skin is dry and looks dull during the day - you can use a day cream.


Do not forget to 15 minutes after applying the cream to remove his excess using a cotton pad or cloth.

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