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How to make partitions in a wooden house


How to make partitions in a wooden house</a>

In a wooden house it is quite easy to make strong and reliable partitions.

Any partition is a self-supporting structure. It is installed on a reinforced concrete slab in any place and in any direction.

To make a partition with your own hands, you must first take into account all the requirements of strength and resistance to mechanical stress.



In the wooden House It is best to put wooden partitions. For such a partition, you must make the main frame. It is made of racks that have a section of 60 * 90 millimeters. Racks are placed between the bottom and the nozzle. The frame needs to be sewn on both sides with a solid chipped yoke. Thickness of the choke should be at least 25 millimeters. After this, plastering is carried out before the drana. Lezhni and nozzles should be made of beams, which have a section of 60 * 110 millimeters. Also, they can be made from edged plates with a width of 140 millimeters. The rack must be installed in the socket, which has a depth of about 25 millimeters.


Such a partition with plaster will haveA thickness of about 150 millimeters. It weighs approximately 92 kg / m2. The weight is almost the same as the weight of the baffle plate. It is worth noting that this partition is good sound insulation. This quality is achieved by air cavities.


A lightweight partition wall can be made withBoard racks section of 40 * 100 mm. The thickness of the structure is 11 centimeters, and the weight is 70 kg / m2. If to compare with a massive board partition, then the lightweight partition has many advantages. Among them, it should be noted the use of thin lumber material and increased sound insulation. Install lightweight partitions in the same way as wooden partitions.

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