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How to make paper parrot

Parrots can be made of tissue paper

Paper birds often make the origami technique.

But beautiful bright parrot can be done in another way.

For example, in the technique of plastic or paper papier-mache. Parrot obtained voluminous.

This toy is suitable for the Christmas tree and decorations for the nursery.

You will need

  • - Thick colored bumaga-
  • - Thin colored paper with sticky sloem-
  • - salfetki-
  • - Old gazety-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - knife-
  • - Picture of a parrot or toy.



Consider a picture of a parrot. You will see that figure consists of several parts. At parrot round head, elongated body, long tail and large wings. A characteristic feature - big beak hook. To make a parrot from paper to papier-mache, you first need to sculpt from plasticine egg, a ball and a high cone. Give the cone shape of the nose.


Clung to each form a layer of paper towels. Over stick with white glue several layers of finely torn newsprint. Give blanks dry, then cut them and remove the clay. Glue seams. Connect parts together.


Okleyte parrot paper of different colors. It is also possible to paint it vodoemulsionkoy over which to impose a layer of gouache. Luck is not a toy covered, it will be otherwise difficult to glue the tail and wings. The tail consists of two long triangle cut from a solid color paper. Each wing - obtuse isosceles triangle with a very large base. Since the wings are located inside out to the body, it does not care, because of the two-way paper you make them or one-sided. Suitable, for example, bright, glossy paper with an adhesive layer.


Think of what make a parrot's feet. They can simply draw or stick in engineering applications. Once all the details will be in place, complete clearance figures. Draw or glue the eyes and nostrils. Cover your creation with varnish, attach a loop to the head, if necessary.


parrot will look very interesting from the mintthin paper (for example, a flower or corrugated). A piece of a paper lightly adhesive. He must not get wet, the glue only fixes the form that you will add. Crumple the sheet to get a paper "egg." From a sheet of another color in the same way to make a ball. Fasten the parts glue droplet.


The nose of this parrot is best to cut outfolded in half piece of black or brown cardboard. However, the toy parrot beak can be anything. Stick nostrils - two small oval. Glue the beak to the ball.


The wings and tail are made in the same way as in the previous case, only paper is better to take the fine. You can make an incision in the wings "comb" or trim the edges scalloped scissors.

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