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How to make paper palm

How to make paper from palm tree

The artificial tree is a perfect gift for a birthday or New Year.

Decorate it and the interior living room or nursery.

Make it can be made of different materials, including those made of colored paper.

For the first experiment the most suitable tree.

You will need

  • - Brown bumaga-
  • - Dark green bumaga-
  • - Old wallpaper or gazety-
  • - Tube for bolvanki-
  • - A clay pot or vase made of papier-mashe-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - vazelin-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Beads, beads, nut shells and other decorative elements.



To make the barrel, you need a tubeblanks. It is best to take metal or plastic (for example, a vacuum cleaner). Dress it with Vaseline to prevent paper from sticking. A large piece of paper or old wallpaper spread out on the table and lubricate the surface of the glue, then wrap around the tube. Give a future trunk to dry and remove the disc. If the paper still stuck to metal or plastic, carefully cut along the stem with a sharp knife, remove the tube and seal the seam. Okleyte trunk brown paper, the best velvet.


For leaves most suitable duplexgreen paper. Cut out of her big 4-8 identical squares. Their size depends on the height and thickness of the barrel. Each square bend on the diagonal. Cut open edges so that the lines have turned curly. Variants may be different - concave arc closer to the trunk at the edge and convex, rounded corners and open etc. You can even just trim the edges scalloped scissors.


Hold the edge of the sheet, which will bepasted into the tube. Line folding greatly smooth out until the middle of the diagonal. The second half of the diagonal, on the contrary, Vaughn. Sheet curved downward turn. Similarly, the bend and the remaining leaves. Glue them to the tube.


From a bilateral paper can make the leaves andanother way. Cut the paper into long strips 2-5 cm wide. Each strip bend in length and cut so as to have something like a very long oval. Sharpened ends. Glue leaves into a tube and straighten. By the way, it looks very good tree, whose leaves are glued glossy paper with an adhesive layer.


"Plant" your palm in a pot. To be sustainable tree, add to pot clay or putty. The vase made of papier-mache palm can simply paste.


Decorate your palm. For example, you can paste over the velvet paper tree nuts and fix them on the leaves. For a large palm fit and walnuts. In general, the artificial tree fits all what your heart desires. It can be glued on the trunk and leaves matching colored small beads, lint, flowers, coins, etc.

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