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How to make a palm tree paper


How to make a palm tree paper</a>

An artificial tree will be an excellent gift for a birthday or New Year.

It will decorate the interior of the nursery or drawing room.

You can make it from different materials, including colored paper.

For the first experience, the palm tree is most suitable.

You will need

  • - brown paper-
  • - dark green paper-
  • - old wallpaper or newspaper-
  • - a tube for a blank-
  • - clay pot or vase of papier-mache-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - Vaseline-
  • - scissors-
  • - beads, beads, nutshell and other decor elements.



To make a barrel, you will need a tube forBlanks. It is best to take a metal or plastic (for example, from a vacuum cleaner). Lubricate it with petroleum jelly, so that the paper does not stick. A large piece of newspaper or old wallpaper spread on the table and lubricate the surface with glue, and then wrap around the tube. Allow the future barrel to dry out and remove the disc. If the paper still stuck to the metal or plastic, carefully cut the barrel along with a sharp knife, remove the tube and seal the seam. Okleyte the trunk with brown paper, best of all velvet.


For leaves, two-sidedGreen paper. Cut out of it 4-8 identical large squares. Their size depends on the height and thickness of the trunk. Each square bend diagonally. Trim open edges so that the lines are curved. Variants can be different - a concave arc closer to the trunk and convex at the edge, rounded open angles, etc. You can even just cut the edges of the figured scissors.


Hold the sheet by the edge that will bePasted in the tube. The fold line should be flattened approximately to the middle of the diagonal. The other half of the diagonal, on the contrary, crochet. The sheet will turn curved downwards. Similarly, bend the remaining leaves. Stick them in the tube.


Two-sided paper can make leaves andanother way. Cut the paper into long strips 2-5 cm wide. Each strip is bent along the length and cut so that it turns out something like a very long oval. Finish the ends. Glue the leaves into the tube and straighten them. By the way, a palm tree looks very good, where the leaves are glued from glossy paper with an adhesive layer.


"Plant" your palm in the pot. To the tree was stable, add plasticine or putty to the pot. In a vase of papier-mache, the palm tree can be simply pasted.


Decorate your palm. For example, you can glue the hazelnuts with velvet paper and fasten them on the leaves. Walnuts are suitable for a large palm tree. In general, for an artificial tree, everything that your soul desires is suitable. You can paste on the trunk and leaves suitable for the color of small beads, villi, flowers, coins, etc.

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