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How to make paper with flowers


How to make paper with flowers</a>

If you share a passion for hand-made? Oh, which has become truly massive, you probably know what to choose consumables? It's already half the battle.

But it is not always possible to find suitable for design, quality and price.

For example, hand-made paper is very expensive, and its range is often limited.

Solve these problems can, again turning to? Home? Creativity? Make a paper by yourself.

You will need

  • Herbarium of flowers and leaves, old newspapers, napkins, PVA glue, mixer, mosquito net / gauze, tray, towel, foam sponge, iron



Take as a basis for a new paperOld napkins, newspapers or scribbled sheets. Tear it into small pieces. You can use napkins of different colors to get the right shade as a result. For the same purpose, you can add water-soluble paints, tea or coffee.


Fold the paper in a saucepan and pour it with warm water. Grind the mass with a mixer until it is uniform.


Add to the received? Gruel? A teaspoon of PVA glue. Can you add dried grass or grain at the same time? For decorative effect. The consistency of the mixture should resemble sour cream. If it is too thick, dilute with warm water. Stir the mixture thoroughly.


Ply the tray with three layers of small mosquitoMesh or gauze. Pour the contents of the pan onto a tray and evenly distribute. The thinner the layer, the thinner the paper will be. Smooth the mass and lay on it petals of flowers, leaves or any other filler.


Cover the tray with three more layersMesh / gauze. Foam sponge start to collect water, promakivaya surface. Move from the center to the edges. Continue the procedure until the water is no longer absorbed into the sponge. At this point, cover the tray with a cotton cloth and gently press it. Wait until the cloth has absorbed moisture.


Cover the tray with a board or a hard, stiffCardboard. Turn the tray so that the paper is on the board. Carefully remove the mosquito net. Take another board, cover it with a cloth, put it on the paper side. Turn over again. Remove the mesh and cover this side with a cloth. Smooth out all this with an iron. Ironing should be done until the paper dries. Put the finished sheet under the press.

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