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How to Make Paper Birds


Paper birds</a>

Birds of the Wonderland have come to you.

On their wings they brought you joy and love, happiness and laughter ...

Magic birds always come to your aid to inspire and charge your thoughts with the energy of magic and creation.

You will need

  • - colored paper
  • - PVA glue
  • - scissors
  • - markers



Twirl the paper box with a tube - thisThere will be eyes. From the yellow paper rectangle we cut out the beaks. We cut colored paper stripes of the same width. Alternately glue the stripes one on the other. We stuck five strips. It will be the tail of a bird. For beauty, twist the edges of the strips upward.


The free end of the uppermost strip is twistedIn the direction of the tail. We glue it, creating a circle shape. In the same way we do with the bottom strip, only make this circle a bit more from the previous one in size and also glue it. Carefully paste the stripes, creating even circles. When gluing each new strip, we fix it well by hand so that the glue does not spread over the entire surface.


You made a circle of four different colored stripes. You have got the torso of a bird. In the same way, glue the bird's head. Inward glue stripes-eyes. We glue the beak to the bird, which was prepared and cut out in advance.


Cut the red rectangle and, short ofCenter, on the one hand, cut the longitudinal lines. We twist the free ends of the red rectangle. We get a wonderful scallop of a bird. We glue it between the head and the body of a bird. Cut out the yellow rectangle and, without reaching the center, from two sides, cut the longitudinal lines. We twist the free ends of the yellow rectangle. We get wonderful wings of a bird. We glue them from the inside to the torso bird. We try to do the work carefully, so as not to smear the bird with glue. White marker draw all kinds of fabulous patterns on the bird.

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