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How to make paper birds

paper birds

To you flew the birds of the wonders of the country.

On the wings they bring you joy and love, happiness and laughter ...

Magic birds always fly to the rescue to inspire and recharge your mind energy of magic and creativity.

You will need

  • - Color paper
  • - PVA glue
  • - scissors
  • - markers



Twist the paper square tube - isare eyes. Of the rectangle cut out of yellow paper beaks. Cut colored paper stripes of equal width. Alternately glue stripes on one another. We stuck five bars. This will be the tail of a bird. For beauty twirl up the edge of the strips.


The free end of the uppermost strip twirlin the direction towards the tail. Glue it, creating a circular shape. Similarly, we proceed from the bottom strip, only make the circle a little more from the previous size, and also glue. Carefully glue stripes, creating a perfect circle. Gluing each new striped, well fix it arms to the adhesive does not spread over the entire surface.


You made a circle of four colored stripes. You got the body of birds. Likewise, glue the head of a bird. Glue inside-striped eyes. Glue the beak bird that pre-prepared and cut.


Cut the red rectangle and not reachingcenter, on one hand, a slotted longitudinal lines. Spun risers red rectangle. We get a wonderful scallop birds. Glue it between the head and torso of birds. Cut the yellow rectangle and, before reaching the center, on both sides, cut by longitudinal lines. Spun risers yellow rectangle. We get the great wings of birds. Glue them to the body inside the bird. We try to do the work carefully so as not to smear glue the bird. White marker draws the various fabulous designs on the bird.

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