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Panorama views attract viewers

Panoramic photos immediately attract the viewer's attention with its unusual format, but the standard matrix camera can not create such masterpieces at the touch of a button.

You have to work hard to get a beautiful panorama.

You will need

  • Camera, tripod, editing.



In the manufacture of panoramas can distinguish twomain points: Take the necessary photographic material and bringing it together in an image editor. The easiest way to take pictures with the camera on a tripod. In a pinch, you can do without it, but then you have to very carefully forming each frame based on the previous one.


Focusing on lighting, choose the rightexposure value for these conditions. In either case, the aperture will need to open at least 10 to produce sharp images over the entire area. You can, of course, take pictures, and in the automatic mode, but it is too big it becomes probable that the camera itself will change its settings for each frame, which greatly complicate subsequent work on view.


Take a few snapshots, moving inany of the parties so that the subsequent frame overlaps the previous 20-25 percent. After a couple of shots you'll see that with a tripod it is much easier to do.


Ready transfer photos to a computer andopen editing. Panorama can be glued in Photoshop, but who do not, can download a special free utility Image Composite Editor from Microsoft.


After installation, the utility simply movefinished frames intended for them in the windows, the rest of the work program will be done by itself. The finished panorama you can modify according to your ideas, changing the contrast, brightness, saturation, cut off the excess space, and so on.

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