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How to make a photo panorama


Panoramas attract viewers</a>

Panoramic photos immediately attract the attention of the viewer with their unusual format, but the standard matrix of the camera does not allow creating such masterpieces at the touch of a button.

To get a beautiful panorama, you will have to work hard.

You will need

  • Camera, tripod, graphic editor.



In the production of panoramas, twoThe main points: shooting the necessary photographic material and bringing it together in a graphic editor. The easiest way is to take photos with a camera mounted on a tripod. In extreme cases, you can do without it, but then you have to carefully create each frame, taking into account the previous one.


Focusing on lighting, choose the right oneFor these conditions, the exposure. In any case, the diaphragm will need to open at least 10, so that the frames are sharp across the entire area. Of course, you can also take pictures in automatic mode, but the probability that the camera will change its settings for each frame becomes too large, which will considerably complicate the subsequent work on the panorama.


Take some pictures by moving toOne of the sides so that the next frame overlaps the previous percentage by 20-25. After a couple of shots, you'll see for yourself that it's much easier to do with a tripod.


Finished photos are transferred to a computer andOpen the image editor. Panorama can be glued together and in Photoshop, but who does not have it, can download special free utility Image Composite Editor from Microsoft website.


After installing the utility, simply transferReady frames in the windows designed for them, the rest of the program will do the work for you. You can finish the finished panorama according to your ideas, changing the contrast, brightness, saturation, cutting off excess space and so on.

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