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How do the leaves of palm trees

Palma from bottles

Apple, cherry trees in the country is no surprise, but the palm tree in the middle lane - is possible. This tree does not need to be planted, watered.

It is and it will be decorating the site, as is made out of plastic bottles.

You will need

  • - Plastic bottles of green and brown colors-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Metal prut-
  • - svecha-
  • - drel-
  • - Knife.



Plastic containers of kvass, water, beer on a countryarea accumulates a lot. In the city you can throw in the garbage disposal, garbage disposal in the country - a troublesome affair. Do not throw plastic bottles, as they are an excellent material for handicrafts, in particular - palm.


Before you make the palm leaves, you need tocreate its trunk. For him perfectly suited plastic bottles brown. Take sharp scissors and cut them with the help of a little less than half of the bottle from the bottom.


Take this piece and cut teeth, heightwhich will amount to about 7 centimeters. Have done the same with all the bottles brown. The more, the higher the tree. Now, using a drill in every detail (bottom middle) make a hole equal to the diameter of the metal rod.


It's time to green bottles, of which fabricateleaves for palm. Take a bottle and cut it from the bottom. Now, from the bottom of the neck to make plastic containers at the same distance from each other 3 long incision in 1.5-liter and 4 - y 2-liter bottles.


The neck, leave whole. On it put a stopper on which a drill and make a hole.


Now these "leaves" make fringedcuts on all sides. To preform was like a sheet, take the candle and heat on it in turn every pre-cut strip from the edge. They will start to melt and will turn real palm leaves.


Collect design. Beat on the street, where it will show off a palm tree, a metal rod into the ground at 40 cm. Deep. The upper part - arbitrary. It will be equal to the height of the tree. In her slide bars for the trunk. Triangular sections bend outwards.


bottle should be the last part of the trunk withneck and slotted bottom. On the neck of the screw stopper with a hole made with a drill. On pin put leaves and tree of plastic bottles will be ready.

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