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How to make laying on medium hair?

How to make laying on medium hair?

Beautiful hair - the key to success!

But sometimes I do not have time to go to a beauty salon.

However, beautiful hair, you can put yourself and at home.

You will need

  • - Styling Mousse
  • - Hair Dryer
  • - Round brush
  • - Comb
  • - Hair Spray
  • - Lac



The first thing you need to wash your hair a favoriteshampoo. Then apply a balm for 2-3 minutes. After washing hair balsam should be dry with a towel. However, remember that wet hair with a towel to rub much can not be, otherwise you will damage them.


Then you need to use hair spray. It will help prevent hair entanglement and facilitate combing. However, remember that too much spray will create the effect of dirty hair.


Next, you need to start drying hair dryer. Choose a mode of cold air, so as not to traumatize the hair. Dry them to a state of slightly damp hair.


Use a small amount of mousse to the hair. Evenly distribute it over the entire length.


Getting laid. To do this, divide your hair into several zones: bangs, crown and sides. For convenience, you can use hair clips.


Dry the hair dryer with warm air and useround hairbrush. Lifts strand puts a round hair brush and dry her hair dryer to complete the drying of hair. This procedure is carried out with all the locks.


To complete the styling you need to give volume to the hair. This can be achieved by making a small bouffant and secure it with varnish.

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