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How to make origami triangular module

How to make origami triangular module

Triangular modules origami used to create volume figures.

They connect with each other without the help of glue.

Read the instructions carefully to make such a module.

You will need

  • sheets of white A4 paper, scissors, ruler.



To work you need paper. It is best to use white office paper. Sometimes there are figures from magazine pages or wrappers. Poor fit school colored paper because it is too thin, loose, broken and torn at the folds. Dimensions of blanks for the modules depend on the size of the figure itself. Approximately A4 size sheet can be cut into sixteen parts, the rectangles. To get equal pieces do not necessarily use a ruler and a pencil. Possible to obtain them with flexion and extension of the sheet. We take our procurement and folded in half along the length of the sheet, as shown in the figure.


Then mark the middle of the workpiece by means of flexion-extension. And bend the edge of the workpiece down. The result was the so-called triangle with "legs."


Turn the blank on the other side. To bend the lines were smooth and clear, better iron the fold line - use your fingernail, a ruler or other materials at hand.


Then lift up the bottom edge of the workpiece as shown in the figure. Do not forget to iron the fold line.


Now bend the protruding corners of the large triangle. Iron the fold line.


Now straighten the back edge down and smooth the small triangle. Again lift received "legs" billet upstairs. The module is almost ready.


Now bend the blank half raised"Legs" inside. You now have a triangular module origami. As you can see, nothing complicated in its manufacture there. Combining triangular modules in different ways, origami masters receive a variety of products (product of triangular modules, you can look on the Internet). Now you can make some of their huge number and try his hand at designing so

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