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How to make origami machine

How to make origami machine

Fold the various figures out of paper without using scissors and glue - it's an art that many adults and children like to do.

This scheme folding machines suitable for beginners and the smallest origami enthusiasts.



Take a square sheet of paper. You can use white paper and then paint the workpiece or immediately fold origami colored paper. Fold the square in half along the first, then across. The resulting fold lines are auxiliary lines that will be useful later in the process. Expand the list.


Take a square of the bottom corners, and fold the edge to the level of the median line. So you bend the bottom half of the square in half.


Draw the line from the center point to the rightangle along the fold and bend at the line down area. Do the same with the left side of the square. Folded down corners are the wheels of the machine. In order to "wheel" had a more rounded appearance, the corners can be slightly bend up, for themselves.


The upper half of the square of the initial horizontal bend down the auxiliary crease lines. It should be close to the lower part of the corners-wheels.


Now the same half of the bend up the line running roughly in the middle of the folded corners, wheels, ie slightly above the fold the bottom of the square.


Right upper corner bend toward you. This cabin machine. Bend corner to draw the cab, you can use different levels of tilt, then


Turn the model of the other party. You can leave your car in a way, that is, it will look like a jeep or bend one upper corner of yourself to get a normal car models.


If you wish to finish a window models, doors, lights and other parts of the machine, paint the resulting workpiece.


According to this scheme is obtained origami plane model, and it can be used as an e-greeting to produce a driver's license or just a gift from the child's dad or grandpa.

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