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How to make origami animals

How to make origami animals

The art of origami was originally invented in China in the second century AD, almost simultaneously with the invention of paper. Later art migrated to Japan.

The first in this country, who began to create figures of square sheets were monks, but in the 12-13 centuries. skills began to spread among the general population.

Today, the addition of paper is known almost all over the world, but the traditions are common to any country and class.



The basis origami-figurki using a square sheet of white paper. This form symbolizes the peace and harmony of the universe as a whole and in particular the master. In some cases, the white color on the paper is replaced.


In schemes excluded sections with scissors and gluing discontinuities. All manipulations with a figure based on the folds. Thus it emphasizes the wholeness and self-sufficiency of nature, and the master of creation.


From paper can do almost everything: clothes, weapons (of course, not fighting), decorations and animals. The latter are the most popular and the general theme for beginners and masters origami.


Driving each animal is unique in the art, andSome animals have several schemes and shapes. To make certain the animal, you need to pre-select folding scheme. Several sites possessing the directory schema origamiAre listed below the article.

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