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How to make origami


How to make origami flowers</a>

Origami? Ancient virtuoso art. He can learn for years, improving technique more and more.

And you can start with simple schemes, for example, with a flower of a tulip.

You will need

  • Paper



Take a piece of paper. It is best to take a color or two-color, then the flower will be more effective. You can paint the paper yourself: with a brush, moisten the sheet over the entire area, and then, until it is dry, make several divorces with different colors of watercolor, allowing them to mix at the touch. Put the sheet to dry under the press so that it shrinks as little as possible from the water. Cut out of the finished paper a square with sides 10x10 centimeters.


Fold the sheet in half horizontally. Unfold it. Fold it diagonally from the top right corner to the bottom left, unfold. Make the same fold from the top left to the bottom right corner, unfold the paper.


Fold the sheet along the first horizontal fold. The right and left sides bend inward, towards the center (along the finished lines of the diagonal).


The right and left corners of the resulting triangleLift them up so that they touch the sides on the central axis, and the result is a diamond. Turn over the diamond (attach the right and left halves of the workpiece to each other) so that the front part of it is closed, i.e. Became lateral, and those that were lateral? Opened.


The lower left side of the diamond is divided in half and fromThis point draw a line to the top of the figure. Bend the side along this line. Do the same with the other three sides of the workpiece. Take these folded halves and insert one into the other? Right half in the left pocket, etc.


Find the hole in the center of the craft and put it down in it. Bend the four upper petals.


To make a stalk, take a rigid wire, grease it with glue and wind with a green thread.

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