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How to make origami

How to make origami flowers

Origami? ancient masterly art. Learn it can be years, increasingly perfecting the technique.

And you can start with simple circuits, such as the tulip flower.

You will need

  • Paper



Take a piece of paper. It is best to take a two-tone or color, then the flower will turn effective. You can paint the paper itself: a brush, moisten a sheet over the entire area, and then, until it is dry, take a few streaks of different colors of watercolor, giving them to mix in contact. Put a sheet to dry under pressure, so that he as little warped from water. Cut out the finished paper square with sides of 10x10 centimeters.


Fold the sheet in half horizontally. Expand it. Fold it diagonally from the top right corner to the bottom left, expand. Make the same fold on the top left to the bottom right corner, expand the paper.


Fold the sheet in the first horizontal fold. The right and left side of the bend inwards toward the center (on the prepared lines diagonally).


The right and left corners of the resulting trianglelift up so that they touch the sides of the central axis and the result is a diamond. Turn the diamond (attach to each other right and left half of the blank) so that the front part of it was closed, ie, steel side, and those who were side? opened.


The lower left face of a rhombus bisect and fromthis point, draw a line to the top of the figure. Fold the side along this line. Do the same with the other three sides of the workpiece. Take the bent halves and insert into each other? the right half of the left in the pocket, etc.


Locate bottom center crafts hole and blow into it. Fold the top four petals.


For the production of the stem take stiff wire, brush it with glue and wrap the green thread.

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