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How to Make Online

How to make Internet

The modern world has long been not without the Internet.

On the Internet, people are completely free to communicate, work and entertain.

Through the Internet, you can order almost any product, from the comfort of home Internet - it is a huge source of information on any subject.

There are several ways by which you can connect to the Internet.



The first option - it is a connection via the telephoneline using a dial-up modem. To connect, you need to buy a card to access the Internet for a certain number of hours and create a new connection using the settings specified in the map. In this case, the payment is for the time spent on the network.


The second option - to connect to a dedicated line. This requires a special modem, which can be purchased at the provider's office. To install a dedicated line Internet you will need to get permission from the ownerapartments for installation Internet connection, and regularly pay each month, otherwise you will be disconnected from the Internet, and the process will be repeated again.


Next option - is to use gprs modemany phone connected to the computer, and acting in his role. In this case, it is worth noting that the payment will be calculated based on the traffic that you downloaded while in the network. Of all the ways this is the most expensive. For settings, with which you can customize the Internet, contact your service provider.


And finally, the nearly record for udostvu andspeed - is the wireless wi-fi connection. It can be configured as a home, using a dedicated line or a public place. Depending on the policy of institutions in relation to the client, access can be both paid and free. Connect to the network using your wi-fi adapter, and settings that you can get from the staff.

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