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HOW to make from old jeans skirt

The skirt of jeans

Every girl in the locker room there will be for sureold jeans and throw a pity and wear anymore. From the old, but it is quite suitable things can make something new and original, which will be only you.

From old jeans can make a stunning new skirt.

You will need

  • Scissors, thread, needles, otparyvateli, stationery knife, sequins, rhinestones



First of all it is necessary to determine how long skirt you want to do. Once you have decided on, get down to business. First fold jeans trouser leg to the trouser leg and mark with chalk skirt length. Then, sharp scissors, cut the excess.


Further, the thrust inner seams on trouser leg. Use with special otparyvateli or ordinary nail scissors. Similarly, the thrust front seam to lightning. Gently fold the pieces and baste the front of the skirt. The upper part of the fold and baste the overlap to the corner, in front of a result you should have a small incision.


The rear portion of the skirt fold together and baste. When you get to step seam, move in a straight line. Then unscrew skirt inside out and cut off the excess. Using stationery knife Give skirt worn look. The lower part of the shoot forth a little to get the effect of fringe. Obsheyte pockets sequins or rhinestones to stick around.

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