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How to make oblique Bakey

How to make oblique Bakey

Bias binding - a very common way of handling the details. It is sold in stores that sell products for sewing.

However, there is not always possible to choose the inlay of the same fabric as your dress and even the right color. Finding the right quality Rulik can take a lot of time.

So in many cases it is faster to make oblique Bakey own hands, especially when it must be of the same fabric as that of the product.

You will need

  • - A piece of fabric the desired quality-
  • - lineyka-
  • - Pencil or sharpened piece myla-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - The thread under the fabric color.



Lay out a piece of cloth so thatlobar thread was strictly vertical, and lateral - horizontal. Spend a ruler line at an angle of approximately 45 ° to the threads of the weave. At a distance of about 3 cm draw another line, parallel to the first. As a standard clerical rule has roughly the width, it's best to just cut around her top and bottom.


Cut a strip. The fabric is more convenient to cut long dressmaker scissors. If you do Rulik, for example, the skin, then take a sharp boot knife. In this case, you need to cut the metal line and on the board. For convenience, you can still spend an average line on the wrong side, but this is not required. Fold the long edge of the strip on the wrong side to the middle. Try to do it exactly. Then iron the folds. Rulik of hard tissue can be pre prometat middle folds.


Fold the strip in half to long sectionsthe edges were inside. Rulik fabric, which keeps bad shape, then iron along the fold. Stitch it close to the edge. In most cases, do not need ironing, Rulik must be convex.


Sometimes the bias binding immediately treated sliceproduct, without intermediate steps. The first few steps are performed in the same way as in the first method. Draw and cut out a strip, fold the long edges to the middle of the wrong side. Fold the strip in half, and then iron the fold, but do not zastrachivayte.


Insert between the folds Rulik cut products. baste Bakey and stitched close to the edge. If you treat thus cut leather products and the machine does not take such a thickness, stitch Bakey manually. It must be done twice, the seam has turned out like a machine line. The first line sew seam "forward needle" stitch length of 0.5 mm and with the same intervals between them. The second time, perform the seam through the same hole, placing the stitches in between.


Quite often strips, tailored on the bias, use another method. Carve out a strip. Attach it to slice products that faces touching. Baste and stitched Bakey. Fold the strip and the wrong side of the product to each other and then iron strip. Fold it in half and then iron, too. Edge baste and stitched to the product or to sew it a hidden seam.

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