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How to make a slanting bake


How to make a slanting bake</a>

Slanting the bake is a very common way of processing parts. It is sold in stores where they sell goods for sewing.

However, there it is not always possible to pick a beika from the same fabric as your dress and even matching it in color. The search for a roll of the right quality can take a lot of time.

So in many cases it is faster to make a slanting beak with your own hands, especially if it should be made from the same fabric as the product.

You will need

  • - A piece of fabric of the required quality-
  • - ruler-
  • - a pencil or sharply sharpened piece of soap-
  • - scissors-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - thread under the color of the fabric.



Place a piece of cloth in front of you so thatThe share thread was strictly vertical, and the transverse thread was horizontal. Swipe the ruler around the line at an angle of approximately 45 ° to the weave threads. At a distance of about 3 cm, draw another line parallel to the first one. Since the standard clerical ruler has approximately this width, it is most convenient to simply traverse it from above and below.


Cut out the strip. Fabric is more convenient to sew with tailor's long scissors. If you make a roulie, for example, of leather, then take a sharp knife. In this case, you need to cut on a metal ruler and on the board. For convenience, you can draw another middle line on the wrong side, but you do not need to do this. Fold the long edges of the strip on the wrong side to the middle. Try to do it smoothly. Press the folds. Ruler made of tough fabric can be pre-swept in the middle of the folds.


Bend the strip in half to cut long sectionsThe edges were inside. Rulik from a fabric that does not hold the shape well, press along the fold. Stitch it close to the edge. In most cases, ironing is not necessary, the rudder should be convex.


It happens that the oblique bake is immediately processed by a sliceProducts, without intermediate operations. The first few steps are performed in exactly the same way as in the first method. Draw and cut a strip, bend the long edges to the middle of the wrong side. Bend the strip in half and press the fold, but do not yet stall.


Insert a section of the product between the folds of the rudder. Sweep Becu And stow close to the edge. If you are working in this way cut a leather product and the machine does not take a similar thickness, sew Becu Manually. It must be done twice to make the seam look like an engine stitch. For the first time, sew the line with a "forward needle" seam with stitches 0.5 mm long and with the same spacing between them. The second time, draw the seam through the same holes, placing the stitches in the gaps.


Quite often strips, cut by a scythe, are used in a different way. Cut the strip. Attach it to the cut of the product so that the sides touch. Sweep and staple Becu. Fold the strip and the product with the wrong sides to each other and press the strip. Bend it in half and also iron it. The edge of the sweep and stitch to the product or sew it with a hidden seam.

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