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Nonalcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer for its taste does not differ from the usual drink. And the ingredients used for its preparation similar.

The main difference is present in the manufacturing process.

non-alcoholic beer production technology is much more complex.



The first step in the production of non-alcoholic beersteeping the grain is barley which is subsequently heated to a certain temperature. Thus, malt, which is the basis for any beer varieties.


Malt is dried, crushed and thoroughly mixed with hops. At this stage, it must receive special that after mixing with the yeast fermentation process begins.


There are several methods for makingnon-alcoholic beer. In order for the process of fermentation was not formed alcohol, this procedure specifically interrupt. This is done by drastically reducing the heating temperature. After receiving this beer is carefully filtered.


A second method of manufacturing non-alcoholic beeris the removal of alcohol from the already prepared the usual drink. In this case a careful evaporation method. Beer is heated to 60 degrees, resulting in a soft drink turns.


Removal of the alcohol can be carried out byconventional vacuum distillation or evaporation. Please note that the selected technology of the future depends on the taste of the drink. When using distillation beer virtually indistinguishable from conventional light varieties, in the latter case there is quite a distinct flavor.


The most expensive and labor-intensive technologynon-alcoholic beer is a membrane method. It is carried out by using special membranes, called osmosis and dialysis. These components are in contact with the usual beer, gradually digested with alcohol, making non-alcoholic drink in the species.


Beer is one of the most popular drinksin the world. That is why manufacturers are constantly developing new technologies of production, offering consumers a whole new variety. Some specific species of yeast used in the production of non-alcoholic beer.

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