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To make the nails strong at home, you do not need expensive tools. A little time, knowledge of the Council of People makeup and your nails will always be healthy and beautiful.

You will be surprised how easy and simple it is to have nails that envy girlfriend.



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To the nails were strong, you must correctlyeat. Those who love dairy products, have a strong and healthy nails. If you are indifferent to dairy products, lean on seafood. Enter in the diet of fish and sea kale. Healthy nails also depends on the use of meat and vegetables. Their diet should be in sufficient quantity.
Comprehensive nail care is mandatory use of a nutrient and moisturizer for hands, belongings, compresses, baths and manicure.


In the complex nail care mustattend various essential oils. If your nails exfoliate, break - pay attention to the oil of myrrh, bergamot, pine and cedar. If you want to reduce inflammation - on chamomile oil, rosemary, tea tree. Apply the essential oil in a small amount and carefully rub into the nail plate.
Nails can treat a variety offortified oils. For example vitamin E found in eggs, liver, milk, olive oil. The drugstore chain may be a commercially available capsules with vitamin E. Rub vitamin at night at least once a week, and your nails will cease to exfoliate.


Bath with sea salt - an excellent tool forstrengthen nails at home. Dissolve in warm water 100 g salt by adding 2 drops of iodine. Dip your hands for twenty minutes. These trays can be done once a week.
Olive oil with lemon juice - an excellenta tool that will make your nails strong and healthy. Heat one tablespoon of olive oil for a couple. Add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your nails. Wear cotton gloves and leave overnight.

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