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HOW to make multicolored floral pompons

How to make a multicolored floral pompons

Original pom-poms in the form of flowers will love the children, especially, to make them a snap.

Such pompons can be used for decoration or decoration gift wrapping.

You will need

  • - Yarn of different colors-
  • - cardboard
  • - 4 small office zazhima-



Make carton blank diameter of the outer circle - 5 cm and the inner one - 2.5 cm.
Total size pompon will depend on the size of the workpiece. Pompon usually obtained a 10% longer than the diameter of the workpiece.
Will cut 4 semicircle with elongated ends, tabs, making folds at each end of the semi-circle, to make it easier to fold.
2 Make a semicircle of smaller diameter and glue them to the halves of a larger community.


Connect the two large cardboard boxes together so that the two large semicircles proved to be the exceptional inner insert, through which user-friendly by inserting a pair of scissors, cut the yarn.
With each pair consisting of two semicircles obtained one half of the future pompom.


Draw the future pompom on paper depicting a circle divided in the middle line.


Wind the yarn, starting from the center and continuing to the outer edge to the fold tongues.


Make the second half. In this embodiment, the second side of the pom-pom pure white, but can be made of the same color on both sides of pompons.


Fold all the tabs blanks, connecting both sides of the pom-pom together to get a ball, securing tabs clips.


Cut the yarn with scissors through a gap between cartons.


Route the thread between the cartons across the circle pompom, tighten well and tie a knot, leaving the long end of the yarn, for which you can hang or sew pompom to any product.
Remove the clips and release of cardboard boxes and a little pompom then align it with scissors.

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