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How to make a money mascot with your own hands


How to make a money mascot with your own hands</a>

Every person dreams that desires always coincide with opportunities, however, usually everything happens the other way around, and the fulfillment of many desires requires substantial material costs.

As those who are inclined to believe in mysticism believe, you can correct the situation with the help of special talismans, and it is quite possible to make an effective monetary talisman with your own hands.

Indissoluble note

This monetary talisman, according to the esotericists,Has a special power. The main thing is to observe all the conditions of its manufacture and use. You will need a coin or a note that has been received with a happy coincidence, for example, when you receive a premium, a large profit or inheritance. It is worth considering that if you use a coin to make a talisman, then it will attract only a small thing, but a large bill will attract more substantial amounts. The main thing is to keep the monetary mascot, and not to spend it under any circumstances.

To make a note or a coin start to attract money,Put this money mascot in the purse so that it does not come into contact with the rest of the money. Make it necessary on the growing moon. Hold the bill or coin so that the light of the moon falls on it, and only then put the money mascot in the purse.

Runic money mascot

Runa Feu symbolizes monetary well-being andContributes to its achievement. This rune does not let go of the benefits and attracts good luck. To runic mascot began to work, the image of the fairy must be put on a purse or safe. If your earnings depend on customer calls, rune can be drawn on the phone, if the income is connected with the work on the Internet, you can draw a rune on a laptop or computer.

Runa FeuThe main thing is that the painted rune must be constantlyTo be near to you, while drawing a rune, you need to say aloud what you expect of her, how to talk with the Fae, only then it will turn into a strong monetary talisman, attracting wealth and luck. It should be taken into account that the rune does not help in matters related to crime and usury.

Magnet for money

To attract money to your home, you can doFrom a magnetized metal magnetic powder, having processed it by a file. Formed metal filings should be put in a specially prepared bag and kept away from other people's eyes. A great power to this talisman can give a golden paint, if it is applied to metal sawdust.

There is another way of making a magnet formoney. You need to take a bag made of blue leather, put a magnet in the shape of a horseshoe, a bird's feather and a tourmaline stone. In addition, in the bag you need to add dry herbs: saffron, wormwood, cinnamon, thistle, anise, dill and cardamom. There to pour a handful of husks from pine nuts. Keep this money mascot in the house, away from other people's eyes.

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