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How to make money with their hands mascot

How to make money with their hands mascot

Everyone dreams, desires to always coincide with the possibilities, however, are usually all occurs on the contrary, the performance of many desires and requires significant material costs.

How to find those who are inclined to believe in the mystique, you can correct the situation with the help of special talismans, and make efficient cash mascot with his own hands is possible.

irredeemable banknote

This money talisman, according to spirituality,It has particular force. The main thing - to observe all the conditions of its production and use. You will need a coin or bill, inherited with the happy coincidence of circumstances, for example, when receiving the award, a large profit or inheritance. It's worth noting that if the manufacture of the mascot will you use a coin, then it will attract only a small thing, but large bills attract a significant amount. The main thing - to keep cash mascot, and not spend it in any circumstances.

To note or coin is beginning to attract money,Put the money in the purse mascot so that it is not in contact with the rest of the money. It must be done on the growing moon. Hold the banknote or coin so that it fell light of the moon, and then put money in the purse mascot.

Runic cash mascot

Rune Feu symbolizes cash welfare andIt contributes to its achievement. This rune does not ignore the benefits and attracts good luck life. To runic talisman started to work, Feu image must be applied on the wallet or safe. If your income is dependent on customer calls, the rune can be drawn on the phone, if the income associated with the work on the Internet, you can draw a rune on your laptop or computer.

Rune FeuThe main thing - to be constantly drawn runebe around you, at the same time drawing a rune, you need to say out loud what you are expecting from it, how to talk to Feu, only then it will become a strong cash talisman, attracting wealth and luck. Note that rune does not help in cases of crime and usury.

Magnet for Money

To attract money into the house, you can doof magnetized metal magnetic powder by treating it with a file. The resulting metal chips to fold in a specially prepared bag and keep away from prying eyes. Most of this power talisman can give gold paint, if you put it on the iron filings.

There is another method for manufacturing a magnet formoney. We need to take a bag made of blue leather, it put a magnet in the shape of a horseshoe, a feather and a tourmaline stone. In addition, it is necessary to fold the bag dried herbs: saffron, tarragon, cinnamon, thistle, anise, fennel and cardamom. There also pour a handful of husks of pine nuts. Keep this money should be the mascot at home, away from prying eyes.

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