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How to make money transfer from Yandex Money to Sberbank card


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The withdrawal of money from Yandex-purse to the card of Sberbank of Russia is no different from the transfer of funds from this electronic payment system to the card of any other Russian bank.

There are two simplest ways of such a transaction, provided by the system.

The Yandex.Money Yandex Algorithm for Sberbank

Go to the Yandex.Money site - money.yandex.Ru - and log in using your login and password. Then in the upper left corner, under the identification number of the wallet, find the "Remove money" link-button, click on it. Before you see the window "How to withdraw money from the account", in which you must select the "Visa or MasterCard" button in the topmost first item "Transfer to a bank card", then click on it.
Next, you will see a window with a helpInformation on the conditions of such a transfer. In particular, by the time the transaction will take from one to six working days, the commission fee will be three percent of the amount plus 15 rubles. The main condition of transfer - the card to which electronic money is sent, should be issued only by the Russian bank. In the case of Sberbank plastic, this issue disappears by itself.
The next step is to click on the link button"Transfer money", you will see a window "Withdrawal to Visa / MasterCard". Fill in all the required fields - enter the number of the beneficiary's card, and specify the amount you want to withdraw from the account in Yandex.Money. The bottom line will indicate the amount that will eventually be credited to the card account of Sberbank - taking into account a one-time and interest commission. Enter all the data and click on the "Pay" link. Further, if the user's account of the payment system is connected to the mobile phone number, you will need to enter the one-time password sent to the corresponding number, which is valid for only three to seven minutes. Enter the password and complete the payment. Now it remains to wait for the transfer of money to the card.

Alternative to the Savings Bank card

The Savings Bank card is far from the only optionWithdrawal of funds from the Yandex-purse. So, the Yandex.Money system itself offers today its identified users a plastic card "Yandex.Money MasterCard" with free three-year service and release.
To receive such a card, you need to leave an applicationOn the Yandex.Money site, the user's account will be charged 199 rubles for the delivery of the card to the right address in Russia or abroad. You can withdraw money in any ATMs, and also this card can be calculated wherever MasterCard is accepted. The withdrawal of money from Yandex-purse to such a card is instant.

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